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Getting an AutoCAD floor plan into Visio traditionally has been a difficult experience, with the only way of achieving high quality results was to import a properly formatted and correct version DWG file. PDF, opposed to DWG, has increasingly become the preferred distribution method for AutoCAD drawing files.

While Visio has always had an insert PDF function that would allow the user to easily import a PDF that was generated from the AutoCAD file into the background, once converted, the created AutoCAD background was not set properly to scale, and looked distorted on screen and printed to paper or PDF.

We have developed the new D-Tools Cloud Converter in order to improve the PDF insert process. The PDF Cloud Converter enables SI users to completely bypass the DWG portion and allow them to quickly and easily import a PDF file created from AutoCAD directly into Visio, while maintaining the drawing scale and the high quality vectors of the original DWG file, as well as a high quality output when printing or saving it as a PDF.

D-Tools Cloud Converter features include:

Vector Based

Opposed to bitmapped, Vectors are much higher quality images and scale to any zoom level.

Inserts to Scale

Inserts into Visio to Scale are at the scale it was plotted in. For example, if the file was plotted from AutoCAD at a 24×36 page size at ¼” = 1’ scale, all you have to do is match the page size and scale and the page will come into Visio perfectly scaled.

Layer Choices

Choose which layers you want to have inserted into Visio. DWG files exported to PDF using the native AutoCAD export process can have all of the layers intact.  The Cloud Converter allows you to remove the layers before insert, greatly reducing file size and complexity.

Save as PDF

The New PDF Cloud converter works perfectly with the native Visio Save as PDF function. The Export maintains scale and looks as clear as the original PDF despite the number of conversions.

Quick Processing

Quickly and efficiently get a floorplan into Visio.

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