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Calculate ROI for Software

Get a free estimate in an instant — calculating ROI for software has never been easier!

Effective System Integration (SI) software comes with expectations of boosted productivity and bottom-line results, agile infrastructure, dynamic data, streamlined processes, and reduced overhead. However, these benefits are abstract and the complexity of systems integration can make it difficult to uncover the proof of its return on investment (ROI).

Roughly 40% of companies see application integration as a top challenge due to poor integration and data tracking. A recent study by Cleo found that poor integration processes cost a quarter of supply chain companies $500,000/yr.

Companies need to be able to assess their SI ROI in order to reduce operational costs and save hours. Which is why we’ve created this simple ROI calculator based on averages from results we’ve generated for our clients.

By comparing your current KPIs against the results generated below, you can discover if your current solution has gaps that the right software can fill.

Software ROI Calculator

Here’s how to calculate ROI for software the easy way…

Enter your company’s information below and you’ll see how D-Tools AV proposal, AV system design, and field service management software can deliver significant ROI and rapid payback.

Software ROI Calculator Glossary

Following is a key for those unfamiliar with any of the terminology used in this ROI calculator...

  • Drawings: SI leverages integrations with Microsoft Visio and Autodesk AutoCAD to create detailed engineering drawings. These drawings allow drag and drop from your catalog to ensure clear and accurate designs and communication for low voltage projects
  • Drawing Set: Used to label and organize drawings in a project
  • Mgmt: This is a shorthand abbreviation for “management”
  • Ops: This is a shorthand abbreviation for “operations”
  • POs: This is an acronym for “purchase orders”
  • QuickBooks: This is a popular accounting software package used by systems integration companies
  • ROI: This is an acronym for “return on investment”. ROI is a performance metric used to evaluate the efficiency or profitability of an investment
  • Wire Labels: Critical for the accurate identification, assembly, and repair of system components
  • Work Orders: Small unique tasks that may be part of a larger project

Software ROI Calculator Disclaimer

The pricing, time and cost savings, and ROI estimate provided are examples of results your company could see, based on actual results reported by D-Tools customers. Individual company results may vary.

ROI Calculator Assumptions

  • 50% time and cost savings on proposals
  • 1% cost savings on equipment due to a reduction of design errors and omissions
  • 30% time and cost savings on drawings
  • 10% increased productivity for field technicians when work orders are issued (if not issued previously)
  • Time to attach wire label reduced by 30 seconds per wire label when pre-printed (vs. handwritten)
  • Time to generate a PO reduced by 1 minute per PO when all PO details are pulled from proposal data

How to Calculate ROI for Software

Here’s how to calculate ROI for software yourself…

ROI is calculated using the formula below. This means that it is a definitive number and not an abstract estimation. 

ROI = Current Value of Investment − Cost of Investment
​Cost of Investment

While the formula may be simple, SI impacts a wide range of company processes that all need to be taken into consideration. It’s also important to note that potential gains and costs may not be immediately apparent such as saved time on tasks and third-party support. 

For the most accurate ROI measurement, track results over a period of time such as one month, quarter, or year. This will help provide a true comparison of the effectiveness of your SI while accounting for anomalies such as upfront costs and training periods. 

A few general categories to measure are:

  • Infrastructure costs
  • Cost of services
  • Staff resources
  • Building teams and skills
  • Time investment
  • Outside investments
  • Opportunity costs

The Bottom Line: ROI + Revenue

D-Tools System Integrator (SI) is the most widely used and comprehensive estimation, design and project management solution designed to fill the diverse needs of system integration and installation firms. D-Tools ties these elements together into a singular, data-driven connected process that reduces time, decreases errors, and increases profitability productivity.

D-Tools streamlines the sales, design, and field service management processes by providing connected integrations that accelerate internal processes instead of requiring additional personnel. This increased operational efficiency is what leads to our clients seeing increased productivity and reduced costs.

If you would like to try out the benefits of SI risk-free, request a free trial now.

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