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System Design and Installation Company Wins Bid for 220-room Community Center and Broadcast Facility

Customer Success Stories
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June 21, 2024
System Design and Installation Company Wins Bid for 220-room Community Center and Broadcast Facility

Robert Ordan, President of Franklin Square, New York-based Knight Nets, Inc., has worked in the low-voltage systems integration industry for decades. Ordan first learned of D-Tools’ Systems Integrator software solution at an industry training seminar a few years ago. Someone from a firm similar to Knight Nets was talking about “this fantastic quoting and design software they started using,” Ordan recalls.


The capability to create data-driven drawings within the proposal and to drag-and-drop equipment into the various rooms, then automatically generate a visually enticing proposal based on the drawings, caught Ordan’s attention.

After a few hours of initial private D-Tools training to get up to speed, Ordan was hooked on the software and the ability to produce more professional-looking proposals.

“I have had comments from many customers that our proposals stand out from others submitted. That’s a comment I never used to get in the past with our old quoting software,” he says.

D-Tools software helps manage all aspects of an integrator’s business, including sales, comprehensive system design, project documentation, procurement, installation, back office management, and service, through a data-driven process that leverages an extensive and integrated product library. D-Tools software helps streamline the entire project workflow for electronic security integrators, leading to improved operational efficiencies and increased profitability.

Learn more about D-Tools software here.

How a Detailed, Accurate, Professional Proposal Won the Job

Ordan recently put D-Tools’ System Integrator solution through its paces on a proposal to design and integrate the security, surveillance systems, networking, and access control, in a 220-room community center and broadcast facility.

Ordan was able to assign equipment, with pricing that included labor costs, to each room in the facility, creating an impressive, detailed proposal. “The clients liked the specificity and details of the proposal, and the fact that it showed them, by room, what equipment was being installed in each space, plus the breakdown of the systems in each room.”

“In fact, they only signed off with a few questions,” Ordan says. “They enjoyed having the details well as the accuracy of the proposal in front of them. I believe that if I had submitted a generic proposal that lacked all the detail, I would have ended up spending hours explaining and justifying each line item.”

Ordan adds, “D-Tools software helped improve operational efficiencies as well. Using a number of the management report functions, I quickly saw the gross profit on each project, while the picklist feature lets me know what I need to order for the project.”

“It also increased the level of professional documentation. This is the reason I switched to D- Tools as I feel this software solution outshines the others. If you put the time into setting up the project, systems, and locations, D Tools software prepares a very substantial and professional proposal. This another main reason we won such a large security project. The client commented on the breakdown per location and per system and said this was one of the most detailed and professional proposals they ever received.”

Excellent Product, Outstanding Tech Support

Not only does D-Tools deliver detailed data-driven proposals, but offers excellent functionality and features beyond proposals. “D-Tools software is a very extensive tool, and there’s a tremendous amount to learn. That is why I’ve found tech support to be so important. And the fact that the tech support is as responsive as they are has stood out tremendously,” Ordan says.

For instance, he recently reached out for help to change a report format, and tech support logged in to Ordan’s desktop remotely to demonstrate the process. “I have found that any time I have an issue, tech support sometimes will respond within a half hour to do a remote training with me!” Ordan says. “If there’s something I want to do that I’m not sure about, I can also call or email and ask when the next private lesson is available for that topic. They set it up right away, and it’s very worthwhile.”

Intrigued by D-Tools’ robust capabilities and excited to delve deeper, Ordan says he understands the software’s greater functionalities, including system design, installation and back-office management, and on-going servicing. “One thing I still have to get more practice on is the use of the broader capabilities,” he says. And when he’s ready and has the time to grow with the software’s capabilities, he knows he can count on the D-Tools tech support team to be there to help further streamline business processes.

“There are many quoting tools out there. What I have been struck by is how efficient and quick the D-Tools tech support team is. The product is excellent, and their tech support is outstanding!”

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