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Win Bids and Improve Installation Accuracy with HVAC Controls and Building Automation Software


HVAC Controls and Building Automation

  • Win more bids with professional proposals and ensure estimation accuracy
  • Clearly document HVAC controls and building automation device placement through system designs
  • Deliver on the job with robust project and field service management tools

Estimating and Bidding Software to Win More HVAC Controls Projects

  • Manage your sales team and stay on-budget.

  • Save time with quick and accurate estimates and proposal generation.

  • Avoid errors associated with manual spreadsheets to manage your budgeting process.

  •  Win more business from any device and grow your top line.


Clearly Communicate with Technicians through Detailed Engineering Drawings

  • Eliminate scope creep and re-work by clearly and completely documenting HVAC control and building automation system designs in Visio and/or AutoCAD.

  • Ensure clear communication across teams and throughout projects, from initial design through as-builts.

  • Drawings and bill or materials are always in sync for a friction-free process.

Deliver the Job with Field Service Management for HVAC Controls Technicians

  • Deliver projects on-time and on-budget with robust reporting capabilities and mobile field technician management tools.

  • Provide a collaborative experience with robust resource management tools to keep everyone on the same page.

  • Grow your recurring revenue base through service contracts.

XL Automation is getting 5.5 times worth of the investment into D-Tools software. The project ROI has been incredible. Project profitability has increased by 3.75% - 5%, and these numbers are defined by two factors – project management efficiency has increased overall by 13.8%, while product and material management accuracy has seen an increase of 8.6%. Year-to-date, we have saved $78,000.00 in material costs. As a result of the software, on $3.5M of revenue, D-Tools has also helped us increase our profit by $140,000, making it a truly valuable, end-to-end software solution for our business.

Nicole Niles XL Automation

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