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Join the Largest Industry Product Library 

The D-Tools i3 Partner Program invites manufacturers and distributors to become part of the industry’s leading Product Library, trusted by nearly 8,000 entities across 100 countries. This comprehensive library is instrumental in generating over 800,000 proposals annually.  

D-Tools has become the software of choice for professionals in audio, video, security, fire, HVAC, and electrical industries, as well as home automation, commercial AV integrators, and more. 

Join the Program

  • 8,000.00
    Trusted by 8,000 entities
  • 100.00
    Across 100 Countries
  • 800,000.00
    Generating 800,000 proposals annually

Our Extensive Product Library 

With more than 1 million dealer-priced products and packages, the D-Tools i3 Partner Program’s Product Library stands out, thanks to over 25 years of cultivated relationships with top manufacturers and distributors. Our platform allows suppliers to implement unique tiered pricing and offer real-time pricing updates through API integration. 

Valuable Operations Metrics and Analysis 

The D-Tools i3 Partner Program offers suppliers a wealth of operational metrics and analyses. This is part of a comprehensive resource and benefits package designed to: 

  • Streamline your supply chain 
  • Maximize sales 
  • Increase profits 

Key performance indicators provided include tracking capabilities for quoted, sold, and ordered products, segmented by revenue and unit sales. 

Insights+ for Detailed Analytics 

The D-Tools i3 Insights+ program offers partners access to detailed analytics through an interactive dashboard. This tool allows for deep dives into product SKU level data by geography, sales channels, and more. With Insights+, managing dealer authorizations has never been easier. 


Special Reports and Market Analysis 

Partners of D-Tools i3 can benefit from special reports that analyze market share, pricing trends, sales cycle timings, and other crucial market data. These reports are tailored to core product categories and individual product subcategories, from audio and video to networking and control systems. 


Marketing Opportunities 

By joining the D-Tools i3 Partner Program, suppliers gain access to powerful marketing tools. These include: 

Monthly newsletter with over 24,000 subscribers 

Direct email marketing campaigns 

Co-branded webinars 

Social media marketing 

Website visibility 

Trade show presence 

...and much more 

Join the Program 

Membership in the D-Tools i3 Partner Program begins at $2,500 per brand, per year, with upgrade options available such as insights+ and more.  For distributors, pricing starts at $7,500 annually with upgrade options.

Get Started 

Ready to leverage the D-Tools advantage?  

Contact us at, call 925-681-2326 x162, or submit the form to join the D-Tools i3 Partner Program today.