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Draw4 UK Increases Revenue by Nearly 50% with D-Tools Software

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April 20, 2024
Draw4 UK Increases Revenue by Nearly 50% with D-Tools Software

Based out of London, Draw4 LTD is a leading UK design company, offering technical drawing services and custom proposals documents solely to other businesses, specializing in Audio Visual, IT, Video Conference and Lighting Design.

When Draw4 was first starting out in 2014, the company was looking for efficient software that would streamline their proposal and estimate process, as well as easily integrate with their drawings for clear communications across all areas of their business process. Before using D-Tools, Draw4 used a multitude of standalone applications and file formats, without industry-specific plugins and integration. The use of disparate systems provided opportunities for error that often resulted in inconsistent data and pricing, as well as drawings that didn’t correspond accurately to proposals. For instance, the company’s collected data was in Microsoft Excel while the drawings resided in other programs – which increased the potential for inaccuracies, so further time-consuming error checking was required to prevent them. Draw4 turned to D-Tools System Integrator (SI) software to integrate their data and create a repeatable process that would, in turn, enable more accurate proposals right from the start.





Because D-Tools’ data-driven process makes it easy to create prompt, precise, professional-looking estimates and project proposals, users are more likely to both account for their design and install labor and better track all the needed parts and accessories. This helps ensure that projects are created and estimated with profitability in mind. “Creating a proposal for a client would have previously required us to use multiple types of software with little or no integration,” said James Owens, founder of Draw4. “This was not only arduous, but hugely time-consuming and costly. By implementing D-Tools we have been able to move away from the old-school way of using Word documents and Excel spreadsheets and have greatly reduced redundancies and the potential for errors.”



“Draw4 predominantly focuses on Project Estimation and System Design via Visio and AutoCAD, so continuity between proposals, layout documents, final installed drawings, and schematics is crucial to the success of the businesses we work for. We really struggled before we integrated all of these assets within D-Tools.” Utilizing System Integrator‘s data-driven, process, Draw4 was able to quickly and easily generate detailed drawings by simply dragging and dropping products from their catalog or project file to the drawing surface.  SI’s drawing capabilities also leverage industry standards for effective communication with customers, internal teams, and other trades. “D-Tools has provided us with a central management system for our design, costing and drawing requirements, allowing our team to provide a faster turn-around time on projects via a highly efficient workforce.”

“D-Tools enables us to streamline our process beyond our original expectations. With every new product, package and drawing template we create we are able to become more agile and efficient, which has led to increased productivity and faster growth” Draw4 utilizes customized reports, themes, and drawing templates to offer its clients a consistently branded document package. Automatically creating cables and component/product ID’s and a reference to these across all documentation and reports that is infinitely traceable, SI’s architecture virtually eliminates human error. Since D-Tools incorporates every stage of the system integration process, Draw4 has managed to eliminate many redundant systems, not just in terms of software but also in-house processes. “Even the number of meetings and communications sent back and forth to get a job from A-B has been cut in half. Our processes have also improved because we’re now able to define users and assign roles relevant to their position. Everyone on the project can access the information they need at any stage of the project, therefore streamlining the process. The powerful D-Tools database allowed us to enter vast amounts of information in data fields that build continuity and provide accessibility to the team. We can now facilitate more projects simultaneously at varying stages of completion and have reduced the amount of cross-communication in the office, which in turn has allowed the team to get on with the job in hand. Essentially, because of D-Tools, Draw4 has become far more efficient in every aspect of our business.”


Since implementing D-Tools, Draw4 has increased revenues by nearly 50% and has accelerated their business process completion time by 75%. “Utilizing D-Tools and its streamlined process has given me and our company more satisfaction when delivering these services to our clients. I personally feel that SI is the only end-to-end solution that is able to scale with not only our requirements in terms of functionality, but also with the growth of the business. We have found it to be the most comprehensive all-in-one solution for delivering a professional level of documentation.”

Benefits of Implementing D-Tools:

  • Revenue: Increased by nearly 50%
  • Operational Costs: Reduced by 20%
  • Internal user satisfaction increased by 90%
  • Business processes accelerated by 75%
  • Operational Efficiencies: Employee time on task reduced by 50%
  • Primary Customer satisfaction increased by 20%

For more information on Draw4, visit:
+44 (0)20 3475 4054

Twitter: @draw4ltd

LinkedIn: Draw4 Ltd

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