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System Integrator

Streamline your engineering with
D-Tools System Integrator.

Award-winning AV System Design Tools

Create detailed, engineered audio visual drawings (single-line system layouts, plan views, rack elevations and schematics) for clear communication with internal and external stakeholders through native integrations with Visio and AutoCAD.

Industry Standard Shapes and Symbols

Take advantage of D-Tools-provided industry-specific Visio shapes and AutoCAD blocks to create drawings faster.

BOM and AV Drawing Synchronization

D-Tools’ plug-in to Visio and AutoCAD ensures that your bill of materials and drawings are always in sync.

Draw First

Draw a system first and have the BOM auto-generated based on your layouts.

Cloud Design

System Integrator

Simplify av design and collaboration with
D-Tools Cloud.

Browser-based Design

Create data-driven floor plan views and based on a quote’s bill of materials without the need for outside audio visual drawing applications.

Whiteboards Mark-up Tool

Mark up drawings and photos with device placement details, dimensions, field notes and more on the fly.

Drawing Synchronization

Never worry whether the bill of materials and drawings are in sync…they always are with D-Tools Cloud.

Bid-winning AV Designs

Use drawings as part of your quote to quickly walk clients through the project and win the job on the spot.


“The professional drawings we make in D-Tools has increased our company’s professional appearance, and has made a direct impact on our sales and internal efficiency.”

– Emil Gotting, Atea