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Arm Your Sales, Engineering, and Install Teams with Award-winning System Design Capabilities

D-Tools software makes it easy for you to drag and drop shapes, symbols, accurate dimensions, IOs, and other vital system design information from D-Tools’ extensive Product Library. Visualize system design layouts for clients, collaborate with teams, ensure installation accuracy, and save documentation for on-going servicing.


Streamline AV Projects with D-Tools' System Design

Experience accurate documentation, seamless communication, and simplified project management. With our extensive Product Library, you can build your catalog and enjoy easy drag-and-drop design, visualization, and precise installations. 

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D-Tools Cloud: Visual Quoting  

Explore D-Tools Cloud

  • Engage your clients with stunning multimedia, interactive drawings, and presentations
  • Image Quoting: Effortlessly upload images and use drag-and-drop functionality
  • Create data-driven floor plans based on your quote's bill of materials, eliminating the need for external audiovisual drawing applications
  • Validates designs and allows real-time collaboration with clients, making them an integral part of the decision-making process
  • Drag and drop products, accessories, and alternate options to reduce quote revisions and enhance client decision-making 

...all from your mobile device 


System Integrator: Detailed Engineering Drawings 

  • Seamlessly integrate with leading design applications such as Microsoft Visio and Autodesk AutoCAD, making it easy to create detailed engineering drawings directly tied to your project proposals. 
  • Effectively communicate with clients and teams, ensuring a smooth collaborative process. 
  • Eliminate scope creep and rework by clearly and comprehensively documenting system designs. 

... and more 

Explore D-Tools System Integrator



Visio Integration

Single-line System Layouts Single-line System Layouts

Easily place equipment from your D-Tools project file onto the drawing surface for clear and straightforward communication with installers.

Plan Views Plan Views

Showcase the strategic placement of equipment within a room or building by importing .dwg files or creating native plan view drawings directly in Visio. 

Rack Elevations Rack Elevations

Provide clients with a visual perspective of the finished system, especially beneficial for showcasing higher-end systems with custom cabinetry. 

Schematics Schematics

Ensure precise connections and generate detailed installation reports for wire schedules, checklists, and labels, assuring a seamless installation process. 



AutoCAD Integration

Plan Views Plan Views

Utilize CAD plan view shapes with unique capabilities to assign shapes to specific categories or sub-categories, granting complete control over the overall look and feel. 

Rack Elevations Rack Elevations

Showcase the finished system from a point-of-view perspective, enabling clients to vividly visualize the system's placement and layout. 

Schematics Schematics

Ensure accurate connections and instill customer confidence in the system's functionality, with the added support of detailed installation reports. 

Add Product Information from Leading Low-voltage Manufacturer Brands to Your System Designs

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See firsthand how D-Tools software can help your business grow

Streamline your project workflows, increase operating efficiency, and improve your bottom-line results!

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