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D-Tools’ FreeTools Visio Stencils App

FreeTools PSL (Professional Symbol Library) is a free D-Tools app designed to provide Microsoft® Visio users with multiple libraries of industry-specific plan view shapes that will help make it both easier to create drawings using universally accepted industry standards and clearly communicate with trade professionals.

Industry-standard Visio Shapes

FreeTools ships with a pre-defined set of drawing templates based on metric and imperial unit drawing sizes. Once the FreeTools software is registered, all Visio drawings will feature your company information, logo and project information for a professional look.

See Available Visio Stencils Below


Audio-Video-Control (AVC)

AVC stencils are a residential version based on the J-STD-710 symbols created by a joint committee from CEDIA, CEA, and InfoComm.



Our Security stencils are based on the SIA Architectural Graphic Standard.



The Custom stencils contain useful symbols such as wire, text call out, and a Universal dimension shape.


(National Fire Protection Association)

These stencils are based on the NFPA 170 Standard for Fire Safety and Emergency Symbols.


(Electrical Construction Drawings)

based on the NECA-1002606 standards.

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Learn more about D-Tools, the System Integrator platform, and how to work more efficiently by tying these drawings to other documentation and data, and experience the full power of the D-Tools SI platform through a free 30-day trial.

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