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9 Best Building Automation System Vendors

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May 27, 2024
9 Best Building Automation System Vendors

As technological advancements continue to expand, automation has become a significant driving force across various industries. This includes the realm of building management, where innovation has paved the way for smarter, more sustainable, and easily controllable structures. Building automation systems play a pivotal role in simplifying management tasks, conserving energy, and supporting sustainability efforts.

Building automation systems make building management simpler and more straightforward, often conserving energy and supporting sustainability in the process.

A building automation system leverages interconnected software and hardware networks to monitor and control a building's electrical and mechanical systems, encompassing heating, air conditioning, ventilation, security, lighting, and fire safety. This technology streamlines building management, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

In today's dynamic landscape, building management systems integrators are in high demand. The need for integrating automation systems with modern infrastructure is on the rise, and building management companies offer a range of cutting-edge technologies to meet these demands.

Choosing the right building management system is essential for seamless operations, and it all starts with selecting the best building automation system vendor tailored to your specific needs. To make this decision easier, we've compiled a list of the top building automation companies, many of which also have products included in D-Tools’ integrated library. (More on that later!)

9. Building LogiX

Building LogiX is a technology-driven service provider that enhances building operations for various sectors, including colleges, universities, hospitals, and medical campuses. 

Building LogiX consistently delivers 10-30% reductions in annual utility spending and a 5-20% reduction in operational costs.

Their solutions encompass access control, video control, smart building systems, system integration, and building energy management. Building LogiX consistently delivers impressive reductions in utility spending and operational costs, making them a valuable partner for optimizing building efficiency.

8. Bosch

Founded in 1886, Bosch is a global leader in engineering and electronics. They have diversified into key segments, including mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods, energy, and building technology. Bosch's focus on intelligently connected building security systems, such as PAVIRO, demonstrates their commitment to swift and secure building evacuations.

7. Bajaj Electricals 

Bajaj Electricals, established in 1938 in India, is known for manufacturing electrical equipment, appliances, fans, lighting, luminaries, and generators. They have ventured into the realm of smart building technology, offering real-time lighting, waste management, and HVAC control. Their Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) enhances lighting and is a testament to their commitment to innovation.

6. Siemens

Siemens, a German conglomerate founded in 1847, is a global innovator with expertise in power generation, intelligent infrastructure, and distributed energy systems. They offer advanced building automation systems such as Desigo Control Point, Synco, and GAMMA, each tailored to specific building sizes and requirements. Siemens is dedicated to integrating advanced technologies to meet evolving customer needs.  

5. Emerson Electric

Founded in 1890 in the U.S., Emerson Electric is a major player in the industry, providing products and engineering services for industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. Their supervisory control systems for large facilities give customers greater control over facility operations.

4. Johnson Controls 

Johnson Controls, headquartered in Ireland and founded in 1885, specializes in electronics and HVAC equipment for buildings. They offer solutions in building efficiency, power solutions, global workplace solutions, and automotive experience. Their smart building automation system, BCPro, simplifies setup and provides powerful tools for efficient building management.

Johnson Controls is one of the top 10 building automation companies in the world, specializing in electronics and HVAC equipment for buildings.

Their smart building automation system, BCPro, simplifies setup and provides powerful tools for efficient building management.

3. Schneider Electric 

Schneider Electric has pioneered open innovation platforms for buildings, enabling quick connectivity of Internet of Things devices. Established in 1836 in France, the company offers a wide range of products and services, including building automation, switches and sockets, industrial safety systems, home automation, electric power distribution, and more. Schneider Electric is dedicated to promoting sustainability and efficient resource use. power, and more.

2. HoneyWell

Honeywell with a history dating back to 1906, has harnessed its extensive workforce to develop innovative solutions. Their Honeywell Vector Space Sense, introduced in 2018, revolutionizes space utilization by analyzing data from various building sources, empowering facility managers to optimize space effectively.

Honeywell Vector Space Sense software analyzes data from multiple sources across the building, which helps facility managers utilize, optimize, and prioritize space.


1. Cisco

Although founded in 1984, Cisco is a recognized leader in networking hardware, high-technology products, services, and telecommunications equipment. Cisco offers solutions for smart buildings through optimized lighting, building automation, and IoT technology, making them a prominent name in the industry.

How D-Tools Can Help 

D-Tools’ integrated product library features a vast array of products from numerous manufacturers and suppliers. This comprehensive resource provides system integrators with easy access to accurate, detailed product information, including descriptions, specifications, images, and dealer-specific pricing. With D-Tools, you can streamline project documentation, from proposals and drawings to purchase orders and invoicing.

D-Tools' integrated product library features thousands of products from thousands of manufacturers and suppliers.

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