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Certified Partners

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May 27, 2024
Certified Partners

Certified Partners


The Certified Partner Program

D-Tools Certified Partners are comprised of experienced industry leaders who have passed a rigorous training and testing program and are dedicated to providing D-Tools customers with best-in-class service.

The Certified Partner Program was created to meet the needs of D-Tools growing user base. D-Tools Certified Partners assist D-Tools customers inn the following areas:

  • Database Management & Services
  • Design & Design Services
  • D-Tools Implementation & Customization
  • General System Integrator Software Training
  • QuickBooks and Accounting Integration
  • Report Customization
  • Process and Workflow

Media Environment Design

Founding D-Tools Certified Partner

Services Include: MIT (Media Interactive Training), ICS (Implementation Coaching Service), Business Process Consultation, Live Web Training, On-site Training, Database Creation, Customization (Reports and Visio Shapes), Design/ Engineering, Crestron Programming and Custom Home Theater Design.

Media Environment Design provides professional services for companies in the Systems Integration Industry. As the founding certified partner, and users since version 1, MED has trained, implemented and/or consulted with over four hundred SI companies and helped them to solidify their business process using D-Tools System Integrator.  MED provides the primary instruction for D-Tools regional and D-Tools University (DTU) trainings.

•    Telephone: (760) 434-9040
•    E-Mail:
•    Website:


Services Include: System Design & Documentation; D-Tools Implementation (On-site & Remote); D-Tools Training(On-site & Remote); Database Creation & Maintenance; Report Customization.

Audio Design, Inc. is dedicated to the business of A/V & Automation, addressing its clients’ needs from initial design to final installation by providing timely and accurate proposal generation and system documentation. Services are provided on an outsource basis to audio/video contractors, designers, home builders and architects.

While the concept of outsourcing design and documentation is new to the residential sector, the benefits are immediate and obvious. Proposals are generated promptly. Each project has accurate labor budgets and construction drawings, not just the “important” ones. Product information and pricing is always current, without the need to spend hours maintaining a database.

In a world of rapid change, it is difficult to stay current on product information and advances in technology. Audio Design, Inc. does, continuously adding to its database of products in an ongoing effort to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date specifications. Using the power of a highly customized D-Tools database each project is carefully crafted, striving always to deliver timely and accurate proposals, reports and construction documentation.

•    Telephone: (954) 805-7441
•    E-Mail:
•    Website:


Services Include: D-Tools proposal software, if used properly, can be a very effective tool for your company which can lead to improved sales and increased efficiency in both operations and administration, and ultimately improve your bottom line. However, your success using this tool is contingent on the quality of the data that supports it. In many cases today, non-professional data-managers manually enter information into these applications which is time consuming, inefficient, error prone, and thus costly to your business.

BlueDog Data Services provides enriched, industry specific data to power software applications in order to provide the ability to build better businesses. By leveraging our decades of professional design experience and product understanding, our cloud-based data management services are second to none. We create accurate, complete & consistent data for everyday use in generating proposals, engineering drawings, purchase orders, and work orders that result in:
In-house creation of proposals in a fraction of the time and effort.
Products fully populated with associated accessories and labor values.
Better understanding of profitability with accurate pricing and cost data.

D-Tools users can now choose to install a sample BlueDog product catalog that features hundreds of popular manufacturer products combined with labor estimates, associated accessories, proper installation phases, and product images. Along with this product catalog are sample projects and documentation: proposals, drawings, management reports – all combined to help get users up and running immediately and unlock the power of D-Tools.

Accurate, complete and consistent data = accurate proposals and more profitable jobs. Talk to us today about how we can make your proposal software investment work for you.

• Telephone: +1 (561) 598-9939
• E-Mail:
• Website:



Services Include: Consulting, Engineering, System Design, D-Tools Implementation & Data Management, Business Development, Sales Development, 3D Rendering, CI Photography, Corporate Image and more.

Diamond Technology (DT) is leader in consulting and design services in UK and Europe, providing design & engineering services for more than a decade in the International World of the Custom Integration Industry.
DT has proven to be a reliable and efficient source of design & engineering in the Residential, Commercial, Marine and Medical markets. Always establishing a WIN/WIN relationship acting as a team member and/or external consultant, DT has became essential part of a business development in the Electronic Systems Integration industry. Our motor is to provide the best solutions in the market, making team with our clients, no matter the complexity of the project we’re here for you!!!
Diamond Technology has been involved in different markets with different solutions for each project; this creates a wealth of knowledge to any Custom Integrator who wants to explore more opportunities in different systems and markets.

•    Telephone: +44 (0) 1780 590 192
•    E-Mail:
•    Website:

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