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Guest Blog article with Stat AV: Achieve Systems Integration Success through Comprehensive Cost-savings Solutions

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April 20, 2024
Guest Blog article with Stat AV: Achieve Systems Integration Success through Comprehensive Cost-savings Solutions

Stat AV_Horizontal_White BackgroundStat AV is excited to announce its partnership with D-Tools, a leading system integration software company. The partnership will support integrator efficiency, improve profitability, and alleviate workloads. These two innovative and essential companies will combine their resources which ultimately contribute to the overall success of the integrators and manufacturers.

The AV Industry currently presents many uncertainties as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Staffing shortages, supply chain disruptions, delayed revenues, and inflation require strategic planning on a consistent basis to stay ahead of the wave. During these times, mastering and executing with excellence, what you can control, becomes crucial. So, what can we control in these ever-changing times? 

Project Registrations, Annual Rebate Programs, and Cost File Management are critical to success.

For most integrators, these crucial tasks are very difficult to manage, let alone execute. Small delays due to incorrect costs can risk distributors, manufacturers, and integrators to reduced margins on projects. Time is of the essence, especially when stock is limited or unavailable. When you have delays on incoming revenue due to a lack of inventory and unable to complete projects, maximizing savings on projects that can be completed is non-negotiable.

Integrators should be taking advantage of every cost savings program offered by their supplier partners, but most are not due to a lack of resources, time, and overwhelmed staff. Therefore, thousands of dollars are being left on the table.

Identifying what we can control is just the beginning.

How do we implement and ensure we are hitting the target more often than not? Some challenges distributors, manufacturers, and integrators may uncover are shortage in staffing, lack of knowledge, and implementing new processes can be too time-consuming. The list can go on. 

A solution to consider.

What if you, the distributors, manufacturers, and integrators, were presented with a solution at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional staff? A solution that will alleviate your current staff's workload and redirect their focus to growing the business while simultaneously maximizing cost savings. Would that benefit your business?

Stat AV - Solving the efficiency dilemma.

Elle Aviv, Co-Founder of Stat AV, along with her counterparts, Co-Founders Liza Cruz and Jewels Alix, understand these struggles firsthand and have joined forces to revolutionize the way business is done in the world of AV. Stat AV, a women-led company, has created the processes and built the relationships to assist integrators, distributors, and manufacturers.

The powerhouse trio has partnered with industry veteran, Jay Jones, CTS, who serves as Director of Strategic Alliances, developing partnerships directly with manufacturers and negotiating rebates on behalf of their clients. 

The vision and business concept behind Stat AV.

Stat AV works as an extension of the distributor, manufacturer, and integrator taking on the role of processing and managing project registrations, negotiating manufacturer rebate programs, delivering updated product cost files consistently, presenting valuable data that will keep clients on track to meet cost savings thresholds, and reporting on quarterly cost savings. 

Collectively, the Stat AV team brings decades of experience across important components needed to provide extraordinary customer service, the ability to recognize the challenges, deliver on their promise, and give you the confidence that you are partnering with a company that wants to be a part of your success. 

Sergio Aguilar, former colleague and currently Regional Sales Manager at LSI Industries Inc., says, "I can tell you from my personal experience in working with these three ladies that individually they are beasts but together, expect nothing short of amazing things from this powerhouse trio."

Click here to learn more about Stat AV.


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