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D-Tools i3 Partner News in January 2024


24 Minute Read


D-Tools i3 Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools software. Read on for the latest supplier company news and product updates.



Speaker Buying Guide

Explore ADI's speaker buying guide and learn everything you need to know to choose the right speakers for your next residential and commercial project.

Learn more

landingpage_logos_BasalteDiscover Basalte’s range of iPad mounts and docking stations

Basalte’s vision is to unite design and technology to create a place where you truly feel at home. Your intelligent home should bring comfort but at the same time fit beautifully with your interior design and lifestyle.

Today, iPads are an essential part of our lives so we make sure you can mount and charge them in the most elegant way. Our minimalist Eve mounts and Eve Plus docking stations are meticulously designed to be absolutely beautiful and ready when you are.

Choose between our fixed Eve mounts and flexible Eve Plus docking stations. Easy to use, on a wall or table, in any orientation and only in our gorgeous high-quality finishes. An elegant iPad solution for everyone’s needs!

Discover more

 Black Sleeve_Brass Table Base + ellie music screen



Simplify Networks with a Passive Optical LAN


As more technology is integrated into communication, collaboration and building operations, the complexity of traditional copper-based local area networks (LANs) becomes more intense.


Because of their ability to simplify network architecture, passive optical local area networks (“passive optical LANs” or “POLANs”) are an attractive alternative to traditional LANs. They’re point-to-multipoint networks that rely on FTTx architecture and protocols vs. switch-based Ethernet.


Leaving behind Ethernet cables, routers and switches, a passive optical LAN relies on singlemode fiber, passive optical splitters, optical line terminals (OLTs) and optical network terminals (ONTs). It shifts all network intelligence to an OLT and all device management to an ONT.


While a passive optical LAN may not make sense everywhere, there are certain environments that stand to benefit from the simplification and cost savings it can bring—not to mention the ability to meet the snowballing demand for dependable, high-quality connectivity.


In these types of situations, POLANs bring significant advantages:


  1. Space savings
  2. Preparation for digital transformation
  3. Longer distances
  4. Lower installation and maintenance costs
  5. Less power consumption


Learn more about the benefits of a passive optical LAN here:







Skyward Soar

Get ready to revolutionize your video workflow! BirdDog proudly presents Cloud 10, a powerhouse of innovation designed to elevate your content creation with simplified orchestration. Discover the 7 new features:

AV1 Transcoding:
BirdDog Cloud 10 introduces AV1 support, offering superior video compression without compromising quality. Enjoy reduced bandwidth needs while ensuring exceptional content across varying network conditions.

FFmpeg 6 Integration:
Benefit from enhanced codec support and increased efficiency with ffmpeg 6 integration. This ensures top performance and expanded compatibility for diverse video formats.

NDI Screen Capture KVM:
Take charge remotely with Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM) support, enabling seamless control over production ecosystems from any location.

Adobe Plug-In:
Seamlessly stream high-quality content through Adobe tools, extending compatibility to various devices and platforms for effortless content sharing.

ProRes Recording (Mac Only):
Exclusive to Mac users, ProRes Recording maintains top-quality content for professional video editing workflows.

Cloud Connect Broadcast SRT Ingest:
Streamline content distribution with seamless SRT ingest, reaching broader audiences and production teams with live, high-quality video and audio experiences.

Companion Module:
Enhance control and monitoring with the BirdDog Cloud Bitfocus Companion module, ensuring real-time management and advanced production capabilities. 

Explore unparalleled video production capabilities and be part of the evolution now. BirdDog Cloud – The World Just Got Smaller.

Netgear Bundle Jan 1

BirdDog are also introducing their exclusive bundle featuring 3x P240’s alongside the powerhouse Netgear Switch M4250, now only $8,995.

Unwrap the BirdDog P240 exceptional features:

  • NDI®, SDI, and HDMI outputs for unmatched video flexibility
  • Balanced XLR audio for professional-grade connections
  • IP output options including Full NDI®, NDI®|HX2, HX3, SRT, and h.264
  • OLED display, 360° mohawk tally, and more features that make it perfect for live productions

But that's not all!

Elevate your AV experience with the Netgear Switch M4250:

  • Rear-facing ports for a clean AV rack integration
  • Pre-configured for hassle-free functionality out of the box
  • Streamlined user interface for easy configuration profiles per port
  • Built-in NETGEAR IGMP Plus™ for flawless Video over IP delivery
  • Auto-trunk and auto-LAG for swift connectivity

Say goodbye to setup stress and hello to seamless AV performance! Bundles – BirdDog

*Netgear Switch M4250 accessories not included.


Ethereallogo_REDThe Perfect Fit For Your Smart Power Distribution Needs

The experts at Ethereal® know that Integrators need a variety of options for power and device management. So, their Big Dog Power brand offers a 7-outlet PR-V7PI model, 3-outlet PR-W3PI model, and PR-S1PI single-outlet style plug for individual appliances in addition to its 12+1 Intelligent Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit. These solutions deliver surge protection, remote control, smart home integration and more. Each outlet features power metering, self-healing and automatic reboot capabilities for smarter remote management of connected devices via the intuitive, user-friendly MAVbase app.


Single Outlet

The unique single controlled outlet features a 360° rotating body with a space saving offset outlet, great for a modem or router to maintain internet connection. It rotates to best fit the electronics setup and has controlled AC power for electronics, providing up to 15 amps of current with Wi-Fi connectivity, self-healing and more.



The 3-outlet smart power controller combines multiple features into one unique power strip that fits behind a wall-mounted TV. This compact unit features 3 individually controlled outlets with self healing and built-in WiFi for connection options. The slim design offers flexible mounting options and is perfect for wall mounting behind a TV or in a structured wiring panel.


6+1 Loop Out Outlet

This strip-style PDU has 6 individually controllable outlets and an additional loop-out outlet that allows daisy chaining multiple units for unlimited configuration and easy addition for new devices. Mount one PR-V7PI above and one below when mounting equipment on the back of the rack that would hit a traditional vertical PDU. For a full rack with only a 1RU space available, rotate the unit and mount it horizontally. A sacrificial surge module can be replaced without replacing the entire unit, and the app displays surge mileage for monitoring the condition of the MOVs and scheduling servicing to replace as needed.


View more information on all of these products at

 Big Dog Power 7-Outlet, 3-Outlet, and Single




 The Aria Evo X loudspeakers embody the essence of the High-Fidelity audio. Thanks to their exclusive Focal

technologies, they deliver a natural, precise and detailed sound to create musical and home cinema experiences that

inspire unparalleled emotion. Their impressive performance are matched by a timeless design signature, combined

with premium materials and sophisticated finishes to enhance each and every listening session.

High-Fidelity guaranteed


Nova Accessorized 



Next Generation Active Deterrence
The IC Home Flooder looks like any LED yard light, but it’s really so much more. Its built-in WIFI camera delivers full 1080P HD/2MP video with a super-wide 114° field of view, and its InterCam™ 2-way talk and listen capability puts you in control from wherever you are using the free IC Home phone app.So when its alarm-grade PIR detector detects human intruders, the Flooder’s twin ultra-bright 2000-lumen LED floodlights light up. Trespassers know they’re detected and you get alerted. The Flooder is an InterCam™, so you can talk to people in camera view and hear (and record) what they say back. If they don’t belong there, you can even activate the camera's 110dB remotely controlled siren right from the IC Home app and watch ‘em run!


 Flooder easily replaces any existing wired porch light or floodlight for constant 24/7 video monitoring. Plus, it’s super-easy to get up & running. With app-based control, customization & access and robust Wi-Fi connectivity, setup couldn't be any easier. And unlike those “less than professional” yard light cameras, Flooder can be used with the IC Cloud service, or save those monthly fees and hook it up to any IC Realtime NVR just like any of our other network cameras.If you’ve been looking for a professional alternative to a home security camera, IC Home is the answer. Relax & stay notified “go Pro” with an IC Home Flooder from IC Home.




landingpage_logos_JabraWork Your Way with Jabra’s PanaCast 50 suite of products. 


PanaCast 50 (Bring Your Own Device)

Turn any room into a collaborative workspace with a PanaCast 50 (BYOD) experience!

A bring your own device (BYOD) culture makes collaboration simpler company-wide. Along with the most intelligent video collaboration system (the PanaCast 50), connect on any platform for an easy BYOD solution.


PanaCast 50 Video Bar System

A smarter way to work the room

Our multi-award-winning PanaCast 50 is now available as an all-in-one video bar room system with intelligent AI experiences and an onboard Android compute for an engaging and easy-to-use meeting room solution.

Imagine meetings that started smoothly and kept everyone engaged from the word go. Now stop imagining it and start believing it, because that's exactly what PanaCast 50 Video Bar System is designed to do.



PanaCast 50 has been independently tested and rubber-stamped to make your virtual platform experience seamless, with certification for leading meeting platforms including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom, and Zoom rooms. Ensuring everything from client pitches to essential debriefs (aka team gossip time) are ultra-smooth and simple.



For all PanaCast 50 solutions, please visit:

And get further piece of mind with Jabra’s new extended warranty SKUs, Jabra Warranty+! For more information visit: Protect your investment with extended warranty (



D Tools Newsletteer Feb Image

JVC is proud to announce savings of up to $3,000 on select projectors running through the end of February. The Procision series DLA-NZ9, NZ8 and NP5 and Reference Series DLA-RS4100, RS3100 and RS1100 are all included in this sale. The DLA-NZ9/RS4100 and DLA-NZ8/RS3100 are equipped with JVC's unique BLU-Escent laser light source technology as well as 8K/e-shiftX proprietary technology. These projectors feature the latest proprietary blue laser diode light source BLU-Escent. The technology featured in JVC professional projectors, which are often chosen for simulator applications, has been adopted for home theater projectors. Combining the latest developed Blu-Escent package with the D-ILA device, which has high light utilization efficiency and a narrow gap between pixels, these projectors enable detailed, smooth, powerful video expression. The included 8K/E-shiftX technology has 4-direction shift that enables the projector to reproduce near-native 8K resolution, enhancing the sense of three-dimensionality and immersion. 

All of these projectors have a completely free firmware update that includes the second generation of the company’s acclaimed Frame Adapt HDR to deliver a significant boost in HDR picture quality. With the firmware update Frame Adapt HDR, which analyzes HDR10 images on a frame-by-frame basis and performs optimum tone mapping, provides higher quality than ever and a more three-dimensional picture. The update will be available in mid-November. Frame Adapt HDR instantaneously analyzes the peak brightness of HDR10 content for each scene or frame using a unique algorithm to automatically adjust the dynamic range to the optimum for video projection. This function dramatically improves the reproducibility of HDR content on projectors and has been highly praised by home theater fans around the world. With great savings on top-of-the-line projectors now is a better time than ever to bring the cinema experience to home with a JVC Projector.


C2G Expands USB-C Family With USB-C to Dual HDMI MST HubC2G54540c (1)


C2G continues to add new solutions to support USB-C devices and setups with its new C2G54540 USB-C to Dual HDMI MST Hub. Perfectly suited for graphic design, spreadsheet analysis, and digital signage applications, the C2G hub allows a USB-C-enabled device to connect to two HDMI-enabled displays for video mirroring, video extension, or viewing a single video image across two displays.


The C2G C2G54540 USB-C to Dual HDMI MST Hub enables users to improve multitasking and increase productivity by configuring the hub to work as a splitter with the same video image on each display, extending a video image to multiple displays, or expanding a video image by joining multiple monitors together as one display. The hub is ideal for a multiple-display desk setup, and the lightweight, small form factor also makes it easy to carry when on the go or when installed behind digital signage. The hub supports resolutions up to 4K (3840 x 2160) at 60Hz when connected to a single or dual display and has a max bandwidth of 32.4Gbps. It supports Multi-Stream Transport (MST), DP 1.4, stereo audio, and DP Alt Mode standards.

Chief Helps AVI-SPL Support Showstopping Nanolumens Video Wall With TiLED Wall Mounting System


The Chief TiLED™ Video Wall Mounting System played a pivotal role in the successful deployment of Nanolumens’ Engage dvLED display at the new AVI-SPL Dallas showroom. Nanolumens® recommended the TiLED video wall mounting system when the showroom wall could not securely support the dvLED display independently. The Chief TiLED solution ensured a safe, secure, and seamless installation of the 6x6 video wall for 163” diagonal displays, which is part of an impressive showcase that allows AVI-SPL’s clients to see the future of collaborative and hybrid workspaces.

Nanolumens’ display includes thin, stackable, 16:9 display cabinets that are front or rear serviceable,Chief_TiLED_wall_mount_AVI-SPL_Dallas (1) lightweight, energy-efficient, and eliminate dangling cables with simple snap-in and snap-out connectors. Together, the screen cabinets create a smooth, bezel-less surface of crisp and clear visuals, with deep contrast, vivid colors, and high brightness. The Chief TiLED mount enables precise adjustment and control of the X, Y, and Z axes. This adjustability ensures perfect LED display positioning with cabinet-to-cabinet alignment and compensates for wall surface imperfections. The mount facilitated such rapid deployment of Nanolumens' dvLED video wall in the AVI-SPL showroom that what is typically a three-day process, was completed in only nine hours.

To read the case study, please visit To learn more about the Chief TiLED video wall mounting system, please visit


Vantage Lighting Control Helps Hotel Verdant Achieve Sustainability

Hotel Verdant in Racine, Wisconsin, is using Vantage to achieve energy-efficient and elegant lighting control. Seeking LEED Gold certification, AV integrator Digital Living installed Vantage’s lighting control solution, which is integrated with occupancy and daylight sensors throughout the hotel’s public guest and admin spaces, to create a lighting experience centered around sustainability and luxury.


For the project, Digital Living President Shireesh Reddy relied on Vantage’s freedom of design and programming flexibility to fit the sustainability needs of Hotel Verdant’s lighting design. More than 90 motion detectors and 30 daylight sensors are tied into the Vantage system. Reddy leveraged Vantage’s ease of programming to enable the system to automate specific lighting sequences for the hotel that are based on occupancy, time of day, and/or the amount of natural light in the room. In the hallways and administrative offices, the motion sensors detect when someone is present and raise the lighting level; when no one is detected, they automatically dim, cutting down on the energy use. The hotel’s bar, Eave, takes advantage of Vantage’s astronomical clock, which is programmed to automate the bar’s lighting as the bar is opening. Before closing time, the system starts its power down sequence with the lights flashing. In the hotel’s lobby, which is surrounded by windows, the system’s daylight sensors automatically detect when there is a greater amount of sunlight in the room and adjust the lighting accordingly. In this way, Vantage provides both a more energy-efficient and human-centric lighting control experience. In addition, the system can be controlled manually from Vantage EasyTouch Glass keypads.

Hotel_Verdant_Eave-Interior (1)




DIGI-IP AV/USB over IP Education Transformation

Future-ready and highly scalable digital transformation solutions are necessary for every university. Liberty has the tools to help all universities prepare for hybrid or in-person learning.


The DIGI-IP AV/USB over IP is the solution, that maximizes ease of use, flexibility, scalability, monitoring, and control.


Liberty can optimize the installation of these devices IPEX6001U-WP-W (DigiIP 6000 Series SDVoE Wall Plate Encoder) and IPEX6000TC-C (DigiIP 6000 Series SDVoE AV over IP Transceiver RJ45 / Copper w/ PoE) with HDMI Bulk Pack & Premade Cables, Cat6A Ethernet Patch Cables, or USB Cables.


Contact your Liberty team at 800-530-8998 for more information about the DIGI-IP Transformation.

MantelMountFrom High Level to Eye Level, the award-winning MantelMount proudly presents the new MM815, the latest addition to its motorized lineup and a precursor to the flagship MM860 Pro.

With an attractive price point of $699.99 the MM815 caters to the median income market and is already proving to be the go-to choice for consumers looking for a premium home theater experience without draining the bank. Now, with just the push of a button you can effortlessly bring your large flat-screen TV down off the wall to the perfect height and swivel it left or right. Perfect for fireplace applications or any use case where a TV or interactive display needs to be mounted high-on-a-wall.

The MM815 motorized mount offers over 25” of vertical travel to allow eye-level viewing to enhance your TV's picture quality, and your personal comfort and enjoyment. The MM815 Motorized Drop Down & Swivel TV Mount is an absolute showstopper, setting a new standard for home entertainment enthusiasts!

mantelmount 012024


  • INCLUDES RF REMOTE CONTROL: No need to point the remote at a receiver.
  • AUTOMATIC DROP & SWIVEL: Automatically lower and swivel the TV using two memory presets on the remote.
  • SILENT OPERATION: Electronic actuator allows for smooth, barely audible movement
  • VISUAL TEMPERATURE SENSOR: Height adjustable heat sensor changes to a red color at temperatures above 110 degrees F.
  • SOFT & HARD TRAVEL STOPS: Vertical & Horizontal travel limits provide a virtual safety shield that prevents the TV from touching the wall or mantel.
  • SWIVEL SAFETY CLUTCH: Friction clutch automatically disengages if the mount swivels into an object
  • POST INSTALLATION LEVELING: Allows for screen position refinement after the mount is installed.
  • PAINTABLE WALL PLATE COVERS: Paintable to match your wall color
  • OPTIONAL SBK00: Premium soundbar mounting kit $79.99
  • OPTIONAL RB100: Recess box mounting kit for flush mounting. $199.99 




Monitor Audio Cinergy:

A THX® Ultra Certified Home Cinema Audio System

With Monitor Audio’s most advanced audio technologies, superior isolation methods and an installation focused design, Cinergy sets a whole new standard for home cinema that’s unheard of, until now.


Integrators can have the utmost confidence in Cinergy thanks to the THX® Certified Ultra mark – a gold standard for audio and visual fidelity. Globally recognized, achieving THX® Certification ensures that Cinergy will deliver an ultimate cinema audio experience. This does not simply mean a set of measurements done on a computer or in a lab as THX Certification is done using the dynamics of real-world listening.


The highly adaptable system has been designed with the knowledge that no two installations are the same. Cinergy features include a modular design that rotates when required, allowing the user to easily adapt to a horizontal or vertical install. It also includes a choice of isolation and fixing methods to help achieve the exact results required. Flexible options allow for integration into stud walls, fitting onto walls or securing to the floor. Along with integrated handles to make life easier, Cinergy features handy feet and bracket isolators to reduce vibrations.


Installers can easily rotate the mid-tweeter array on the Cinergy 100, 200 and 300, depending on whether they are vertically or horizontally installing the product. Cinergy also offers a swappable mid-tweeter pod to allow for the best of tailor-made systems. Intelligent design innovation also means that the mid-tweeter pod can be interchanged with the bass drivers on the Cinergy 300.


Cinergy features the very latest in Monitor Audio advanced driver technology, along with inert, heavy cabinets designed to make every moment of the cinema experience sound dynamic, controlled and clear and most importantly, unforgettable. From MPD high-frequency transducers to RDT II drivers, every element is designed to make the movies truly come to life.


Click Here to learn more.

Cinergy Wall of Sound Image (PS High Contrast) (1)

MSE-Audio-LogoSoundTube Entertainment announced the availability of the MCA2004t Class D amplifier. The amplifier is designed for continuous use in commercial and professional audio settings from performance venues to retail spaces and educational institutions. The MCA2004t Class D amplifier claims 200W at 8 ohms direct or 70/100V constant voltage output per each of its four channels and a 1200-watt power supply allows the amp to output full power to all four channels simultaneously with peak power at 1000 watts per channel. The amplifier is equipped with Euro block-style connectors catering to balanced and unbalanced audio signals. The amplifier’s input routing feature uses a matrix mixer that allows all connected speakers to be driven by single or multiple sources.


With selectable 70 Hz high-pass filtering, the amp avoids over-driven bass frequencies that could cause distortions. The amplifier has a subwoofer mode selectable on Channel 1 and Channel 2, which applies a 120 Hz low-pass filter and allows the user to select 120 Hz high-pass to the other channels. When subwoofer mode is selected for a particular channel, the output impedance is automatically changed to 4 ohms. The MCA2004t amp includes auto signal sensing or a standby trigger along with an auxiliary port that can be used to monitor the health of the amp. It has forced air cooling with a variable speed thermostatically controlled fan. The amp has overload, short circuit, DC offset and thermal protection circuits with Power/Standby, limiting, and protection LED indicators. SoundTube says the amp is designed to provide long-term reliability of operation and includes the “right mix of technology to ensure many years of trouble-free operation.” The amp is 19” x 15.75” x 3.5” at 17.14 lbs. and uses a compact two-rack space chassis.



2021 FULL COLOR standard (1)D-Tools and New Leaf Service Contracts Join Forces to Boost Integrator Success

In the ever-evolving Custom Integration landscape, adaptability and innovation are crucial for success. D-Tools and New Leaf Service Contracts are teaming up to reshape the CE industry, providing integrators with tools and services to elevate profitability, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

A Perfect Synergy: D-Tools, a leading software solutions provider, and New Leaf Service Contracts, renowned for extended service plans, form a dynamic duo. This partnership empowers integrators to offer top-tier products and services supported by robust product protection, creating a win-win situation for all.

Key Benefits for Integrators:

1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customers gain access to high-quality products and services with comprehensive protection, fostering loyalty and referrals.

2. Streamlined Operations: D-Tools' software ensures efficient project management, reducing operational costs and project turnaround times. New Leaf's coverage allows integrators to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

3. Increased Profit Margins: Offering New Leaf's service plans enhances revenue and profit margins, building customer trust and loyalty. D-Tools technology efficiently integrates product protection plans into quotes, boosting the bottom line.

4. Competitive Edge: The D-Tools and New Leaf partnership equips integrators with tools to stand out in the competitive custom integration market. Quality products and exceptional support create a competitive advantage, attracting customers and driving sales.

How Integrators Can Get Started: Integrators can easily request access to the New Leaf program within the D-Tools platform. New Leaf will guide the integration process, setting the stage for a business transformation.

In Conclusion: Amidst discerning consumers, the D-Tools and New Leaf partnership offers a unique opportunity for integrators to excel. Elevating customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and providing a competitive advantage, this collaboration promises increased profitability, customer loyalty, and a brighter future in the CE world. Seize the opportunity to revolutionize your business – join the D-Tools and New Leaf Service Contracts partnership today!

Platinum Tools Launches New PTS Pro Crimp Tool
Platinum Tools®, the leader in solutions for the preparation, installation, hand termination and testing of wire and cable, is proud to announce its new PTS Pro Crimp Tool (p/n 12520C). Now shipping, the PTS Pro Crimp Tool has an MSRP of $85.83.
Platinum Tools’ new PTS (Pass Through Standard) Pro Crimp Tool takes years of Platinum Tools innovations and combines multiple tools into one sleek design. The PTS Pro allows for the termination of both ezEX-RJ45 connectors and the legacy EZ-RJ45 connectors in a single tool with no part changes. This is a single tool for all Platinum Tools terminations. The tool utilizes a sliding plate to change between the different types of connectors and a captive thumb screw to make swapping between connector styles seamless. The tool features a connector locking mechanism so connectors “click” into the tool for termination. This tool also includes the cutting and stripping blades for Cat5e and 6 built directly into the handle. Additional PTS Pro Crimp Tool features and specifications include Crimps standard pass-through and standard RJ45 connectors; Wiring guide printed directly on the tool for easy connector wiring; Ergonomic grip for comfort during extended use; Replaceable blades; Smooth single cycle operation; For both UTP and STP connectors.
For additional information on Platinum Tools and its complete product line, please visit, call (800) 749-5783, or email
 Platinum Tools - PTS Pro Crimp Tool pn 12520
Platinum Tools Launches Cat6A PoE Type 4 Connector
Platinum Tools®, the leader in solutions for the preparation, installation, hand termination and testing of wire and cable, is proud to announce the launch of the new Cat6A PoE Type 4 Connector (p/n 106260). Now shipping, the connector has an MSRP of $17.85.
With the increasing need for higher performance and more power, Platinum Tools has come out with a tool-less connector that will satisfy both the Cat6A specification and meet the hefty requirements for PoE Type 4. Our new Cat6A PoE Type 4 connector is rated up to 90W of power and running PoE across all four pairs. Whether it is for PoE lighting installations or for powering equipment on a production floor, this connector has it covered. This connector also features a simple two-piece design and only requires basic wiring tools to terminate and is compatible with cables ranging from 6.0mm to 8.5mm and conductor sizes of 26 AWG to 23 AWG. Additional specifications and features include Cat6A certified for Patch and Permanent Link; Unshielded twisted pair; IDC Terminal style contacts for wide range of conductor sizes; Cable tie included for securing cable jacket; UL 94V0 rated housing; Phosphor bronze contacts with 60u” nickel coating and 50u” gold plating; Operating temp -10 C - 60 C.
For additional information on Platinum Tools and its complete product line, please visit, call (800) 749-5783, or email

Platinum Tools - Cat6A PoE Type 4 Connector pn 106260 


RF Venue logoUniversal Interference Filters

by Senior applications engineer Don Boomer



RF Venue 12024 

RF Venue is pleased to announce the newest additions to our family of bandpass interference filters. These filters greatly simplify picking the right filters for your geographic area since you no longer have to worry about matching frequency blocks to the proper filter. Basically, these are "one size fits all”.



The new 470-608MHz comfortably covers all conventional wireless mic frequencies in North America while the new 470-698MHz BPF is the proper choice for most of the rest of the world (especially as all the frequency rebalancing is completed over the next couple of years).



How RF Venue Interference Filters Work

RF Venue 12024.2

Without bandpass filters the signals from literally every single radio transmitter on the planet penetrate your wireless mic antennas. Adding a pair of these filters to your A&B inputs of your distro system (regardless of brand) strips away frequencies you can’t use anyway from getting to your receivers, greatly reducing the workload on your wireless mic receivers.

RF Venue 12024.3

Installation is easy … just plug in between your antenna(s) and the input to your distros. One pair covers all your receivers be it 2 or 200.

Installing these interference filters greatly reduces interference from 5g cell phones, video monitors, LED lighting, security radios and more. Typically the filters will typically reduce your RF noise floor by 4-6dB thereby increasing your dynamic range (which determines when dropouts start).

Learn More about 5G Cell Phones vs Wireless Mics

rti_new-300x93-Jan-05-2021-07-16-52-11-PM-Mar-24-2021-07-56-46-46-AMRTI Announces New Products in Four Categories at ISE 2024

 RTI will introduce the greatest number of products in the past ten years at

ISE 2024  

We’re excited to release products in four categories at ISE 2024. In booth 2K130, we will debut a record-breaking number of new solutions. Among the products being shown for the first time at ISE 2024 will be the RTI Intelligent Meeting Ecosystem and audio distribution DSP matrix amplifiers.


The First Collaboration System from RTI

Debuting at ISE 2024, the Intelligent Meeting Ecosystem is the first collaboration system from RTI. It is anchored by the UC-IVB-50—the 4K Intelligent Video Bar supported by the UC-IVB-MXT Media Xchange Transmitter, UC-IVB-EXM Expansion Microphone, and UC-IVB-TM Display Mount. The RTI UC-IVB-50 Intelligent Video Bar enables 4K UHD collaboration by displaying up to two different sources on the screen at any time, and features a microphone array with four MEMS linear microphones that work together to steer audio pickup wherever it’s needed, a speaker bar with full-range 8W speakers with bass radiators to ensure that every voice is heard with full presence and clarity, and an intelligent 4K camera with 120° field-of-view and AI tracking. It’s collaboration app-ready, allowing it to work with the user’s or organization’s chosen video conferencing system.


For wired BYOM connectivity, it boasts a 4K UHD HDMI input and USB 3.0 or USB-C (DP Alt mode and 60W PD). For wireless BYOD connectivity, it supports AirPlay® and Miracast with soft AP for internet sharing. It supports up to two UC-IVB-MXT Media Xchange™ wireless transmitters for click-and-go sharing. For larger conference rooms, the optional UC-IVB-EXM expansion microphone ensures that all voices are heard. Finally, for control, it features native RTI integration as well as standalone control via a built-in web interface and included remote. It can be mounted with the included on-wall or table-top mounting solutions, giving installers multiple options for placement. To complete the system, there is the optional UC-IVB-TM display mount.


New RTI Audio Distribution

Also new at the show is the RTI audio distribution DSP matrix amplifiers. The series includes the AD-46-100 4x6 DSP Matrix Amplifier – 100W for distribution of up to four audio sources to six zones, the AD-810-100 8x10 DSP Matrix Amplifier – 100W for up to eight sources across 10 zones, and the AD-1616 16x16 DSP Matrix for 16 sources and 16 zones. Each of the RTI audio distribution DSP matrix amps feature preamp outputs, facilitating the integration of external power amplifiers or subwoofers. With scalability to up to 64 zones of audio and sophisticated DSP capabilities, they are a future-ready investment that offers a level of audio manipulation that is comprehensive and precise. Each matrix features a 5-band parametric EQ, allowing integrators to fine-tune acoustic characteristics and tailor sound to specific spaces. The DSP’s mixing and auto-ducking features facilitate seamless integration of microphones and doorbells, effortlessly prioritizing audio sources and ensuring smooth transitions.


Designed with efficient Class D amplification technology, these amplifiers boast a Cool Power® design that optimizes performance while minimizing heat generation. Up to 100W per channel power output provides for a robust and clear audio experience even in demanding environments. For projects that need more power, integrators can bridge outputs to enable a 200W per channel output.



severtson-screens-logo-300x120-1-1Severtson’s Perforated Broadway Series Thin Bezel Fixed Frame Projection Screen Solutions
Severtson Screens, a global leader in innovative and quality projection screens for the home theater, commercial, pro AV, and cinema markets, is pleased to announce the launch of a white, perforated, acoustically-transparent screen option for its acclaimed Broadway Thin Bezel Series fixed frame projection screen solutions.
Severtson’s Broadway Series is a collection of fixed frame projection screens that offer a sturdy extruded aluminum 6-piece frame wrapped in light-absorbing black velvet. It is an excellent solution for any venue needing a quality, high-performance projection screen with a clean, sharp appearance as each beautifully designed screen is a masterpiece perfect for any home theater, office, or other venue.
“After meeting customer demand for a new lower cost Broadway Series Thin Bezel collection last year, they then asked for a perforated version, and we are proud to deliver,” said Aaron White, Home Theater & Pro AV sales lead at Severtson Corp. “Now available with an acoustically transparent option in seven screen sizes ranging from 100- to 165-inches, Broadway is a complete collection of fixed frame projection screens that offer a sturdy extruded aluminum frame with a 3/8-inch visible border for a fully maximized viewing area. Broadway’s appearance does not distract from the projected content, but instead quietly enhances the viewing experience with its perfectly tensioned viewing surface and precision-aligned black velvet frame.”
The Broadway Thin Bezel Series’ durable, aluminum frame offers the thinnest visible bezel that Severtson Screens can provide, offering a clean, sharp appearance that maximizes the viewable area. Each screen is manufactured to the same high standards as Severtson's large cinema screens installed in theaters worldwide. Customers can choose from Severtson's perfectly tensioned screen materials that will take the viewing experience to the highest levels of performance available in the market today. Broadway Thin Bezel Series material choices include: Broadway White (1.1 gain) and Broadway Grey (1.0 gain).
For more information, please visit, call 480-610-5155, or email
Severtson - Broadway Thin Bezel Perforated White


Sonance-LogoSONANCE Celebrates 40 Years, NEW solutions AT ISE 2024


Sonance, the globally renowned, privately held audio company is proudly commemorating four decades of excellence in the audio and technology industry at this year's ISE event in Barcelona from January 30 to February 2, 2024. In celebration of this milestone, Sonance, along with its esteemed family of brands, including James and IPORT, is set to make an unforgettable mark Unveiling a brand-new booth design, Sonance will no doubt inspire and impress with stunning details that support the elevated “designed to disappear” strategy of their hidden solutions.

As pioneers in the audio industry, Sonance continues to push the boundaries of innovation, delivering cutting-edge audio experiences that redefine the way customers interact with sound. Sonance will showcase over 23 groundbreaking products and exciting innovations at this year’s show. In addition to new product innovations, visitors to the Sonance booth (#2J500) can also anticipate an array of fresh experiences and resources. Among these exciting additions are the award-winning Sonance Design Gallery App, a preview of their upcoming website, and the all-new Sonance Music Experience, a captivating demonstration occurring every 10 minutes.

Sonance invites media representatives, industry professionals, and audio enthusiasts alike to visit Booth 2J500 at ISE 2024 and witness the future of integrated audio solutions and the latest resources available in partnership with the Sonance family of brands.

  • Date: January 30 - February 2, 2024
  • Location: Fira Barcelona, Gran Via Venue, Barcelona, Spain
  1. Innovative Product Unveilings: Sonance will showcase its latest lineup of products, including all-new Visual Experience Series, a new Invisible Series dual 10” subwoofer, and their new DSP 8-130 MKIII amplifier. Visual Experience Series takes iterative machine learning and years of research to replace the award-winning Visual Performance Series line up. The new series features exceptional fidelity, flexible installation, and interchangeable finish options to deliver a complete collection of solutions that are worthy of this monumental series upgrade. The new IS10-2W joins the highly successful Sonance Invisible Series offering, now with support for 16” on-center stud bay construction, a welcome design that achieves massive bass response without overly complicated installation requirements. Another highlight of products at the Sonance booth is the new collection of Sonance amplifiers. The DSP 8-130 MKIII completes the latest MKIII transition which features some improvements to DSP settings. Just last year, Sonance launched their new 8-50 and 16-50 amplifiers: 8 channel and 16 channel digital amplifiers with high power density 50WPC amplification in 1 rack unit. With so many new models on display, Sonance is positioned for a big presence at this year’s ISE.
  2. Sonance Music Experience Demonstration: Visitors to the booth will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a live 5-minute demonstration, experiencing firsthand the unique strategy, fidelity, and precision that define the Sonance experience. The experience introduces Sonance customers to a powerful and effective approach to selling audio which is sure to leave a lasting impression on those in attendance. The experience will be occurring every 10 minutes at the Sonance booth #2J500.
  3. Sonance Design Gallery App: The award-winning platform empowers reps, distributors, and dealers to effectively demonstrate the ideal audio experience for the most common spaces and applications, presenting examples for residential, commercial, and marine environments. The latest evolution of the App will be displayed throughout the Sonance booth at ISE



Revolutionary, Game-Changing, High-Tech LED Landscaping Line to launch from AiSPIRE/WAC at Lightapalooza 2024 

Bold. Eye-catching. Vibrant. AiSPIRE will introduce a highly anticipated, exciting offering at Lightapalooza 2024. Visit the interactive, state-of-the-art Booth #109 at the Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel & Spa in Glendale, Arizona, from Feb 26th-29th.

"See and feel the power of the ultimate landscape lighting experience," stated Raymond Altmann, AiSPIRE Business Development Manager – Integration West. "Our new and innovative, groundbreaking line merges the latest advanced LED technologies, aesthetics, and optics. We will be proudly displaying this cutting-edge offering to technology industry professionals."

Balance CS


wall smart banner

Given consumers’ heavy reliance on technology and network access, it’s easy for smart devices to quickly overtake the interior of a home or business.

Thanks to a new concealed mounting solution from WALL-SMART, the essential access points needed to provide the desired network coverage can finally go unnoticed, hidden completely within the ceiling surface yet still easily accessible and fully operational.

The new Universal Access Point Ceiling Mount from WALL-SMART creates a moisture-resistant, well-ventilated cavity in new and existing ceilings, a convenient hideaway for almost any brand of Wi-Fi device on the market.

The demand for this innovative solution came from the field – to have a solution that is both functional and visually pleasing. Users usually have to hide the APs in any available space, making maintenance and WI-FI network coverage difficult.

Like all WALL-SMART design-forward mounting solutions, the Universal Access Point Ceiling Mount provides a flush finish with the surrounding ceiling surface.

The exceptional design and build quality of the Universal Access Point Ceiling Mounts protects the residing equipment from loss, damage, and overheating, enables ease of use and ensures uncompromised Wi-Fi performance.

The Universal Access Point Mount comes in three sizes (S, M, L- see website for dimensions) to fit the widest possible range of devices. A fully flush new construction version and a retrofit version are available for easy installation in existing drywall.

The New Construction is paintable to fit the ceiling color selection, and the Retrofit has a matte white cover.

In addition to a cover, included with the Universal AP mount is a magnetically detachable backplate for ease of installation and service.

Thanks to this innovative mounting solution, residential and commercial integrators have greater installation flexibility—they can place technology where it works best without infringing on the design or architecture of the environment.


The IA-8 DSP is an upcoming amplifier from Wisdom Audio, set to start shipping in February 2024. It is designed and manufactured in the United States and offers a compact 2RU (2 rack unit) form factor. This amplifier is intended to provide high-performance audio amplification with several features:


  1. Amplification: The IA-8 DSP offers eight channels of amplification, with each channel delivering 125W RMS into eight ohms and 250W into four ohms, with all channels driven.


  1. Digital Signal Processing (DSP): The IA-8 DSP is equipped with a DSP board that enables various digital signal processing functions, including digital active crossover, delay, gain control, and digital EQ profiles. These features are useful for optimizing audio performance in various applications, including Insight Series and Subwoofers, as well as Generic Speakers and Subwoofers.


  1. Optional Dante Digital Audio Input Kit: An optional Dante Digital Audio Input Kit is available separately. Dante is a popular audio networking technology that allows for easy and flexible audio signal routing in professional audio setups.


  1. Complement to Sage SA DSP Line: The IA-8 DSP is positioned as a complement to Wisdom Audio's Sage SA DSP amplifier line. It is designed to work seamlessly with the new Insight Soundbars and Insight In-ceiling speakers. This amplifier is geared towards high-end multiroom audio and media room applications, offering both power and advanced DSP capabilities to meet the demands of these setups.


Suitable for a range of audio applications, the IA-8 DSP is a valuable addition to our product lineup, serving the needs of high-end audio and media room installations, particularly when paired with their other Insight Series products. This amplifier is a versatile solution for audio enthusiasts and professionals looking for high-quality amplification with integrated DSP features.

IA-8 DSP Front

IA-8 DSP Rear