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D-Tools SI and TRXio Integration



D-Tools Software for Low-voltage Integrators Provides Inventory Management and Asset-Tracking Capabilities through TRXio

Watch video demo above!

D-Tools and TRXio have partnered to ensure that inventory is efficiently, seamlessly, and accurately tracked from proposal through purchase and installation using state-of-the-art mobile inventory tracking and management tools.

TRXio is a cloud-based inventory management and asset-tracking software solution for the AV industry that uses the latest QR- and bar-code scanning technology. The API integration with the D-Tools System Integrator helps AV system integrators streamline operations, standardize processes and maintain clear and consistent communication between the office/warehouse and the field, leading to improved operating efficiency, improved cash flow, and ultimately healthier bottom-line results.

D-Tools System Integrator and TRXio Integration Benefits:

· Ready access to product status (i.e., requested, purchased, received, staged, delivered) throughout the project workflow
· Precise inventory tracking that leads to time and cost savings
· Reduced need for communications between the office/warehouse and the field
· Increased field efficiency
· Reduced inventory for better cash flow management