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Create Next-Level Sales Presentations with Multimedia Proposals


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Enhance client engagements with award-winning cloud-based bidding software. 

By definition, the noun multimedia literally means the use of a variety of artistic or communicative media. As an adjective, it means using more than one medium of expression or communication. With D-Tools Cloud, we wanted to leverage the power of multimedia to take your AV proposals and sales presentations to the next level. Multimedia presentations can evoke feelings and make a deeper connection with your clients when sharing a cloud-based audio visual proposal. So get ready to tap into your inner artist and have fun creating interactive, engaging, multimedia presentations that help excite your clients and bring your vision beyond the printed page.

Just imagine having the ability to create galleries of previous projects and hyperlink images to set the stage and give clients a taste of what it means to do business with you. Another way you can draw clients in even closer is by adding 360-degree images so they can further explore and take a virtual tour of your best work. If that alone doesn’t excite you, this next feature should definitely take us there: Upload a testimonial video from a satisfied client that helps build trust by sharing how easy it is to work with you and how happy they are with the completed project.

Multimedia Proposals 1

The saying “you only get one chance to make a first impression” is true – so make it count! From the moment they click and open your quote, the luxury experience starts. They are now engaging with an enticing, interactive, and visually compelling presentation that goes beyond the printed page and gets them excited to move on to the next step. It’s cool – check it out!

So what is the next step in the client experience, you ask? They start to review the locations/systems and drill down to the equipment and discover client selectable options, aka alternate sets…and just like that, you have taken their experience to yet another level. They can choose what they want AND learn more about the quality of the equipment and systems you provide by accessing product resources provided by the manufacturer via the D-Tools library. Simply click on the product image, and the detail bar will slide out for clients to access user guides and cut sheets. Showing product resources is optional; however, when used, it can be a powerful tool to help build confidence in your recommendations and confirm they have made the right decision for their needs. Level up and continue to build momentum towards proposal acceptance.

Multimedia Proposals 2

With multimedia proposals in your arsenal, you can create an engaging, interactive experience with your clients that helps differentiate you from the competition and significantly improve your close rate; especially during the initial client meeting.

“D-Tools Cloud has become an essential part of my business. The ease and speed at which I can generate a professional proposal, while walking through a project and getting sign-off from the client, is remarkable!
– Jason M Gotz, Eighteen Group, LLC