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Tech Terminal: Change Orders – Options for Keeping Project Price the Same


When working with change orders in SI, there are times when you need to make adjustments without affecting the project total. This process may seem very complicated (or perhaps impossible), but the good news is that there are three simple ways to do so:

Replace – Use this function when items need to be swapped out one for another. This is very helpful if there are existing drawings on the project.

The Replace function allows you to maintain installation price, labor, shapes and blocks, and much more when replacing products.

Internal change order – Internal change orders are great for when there are “engineering” changes that are not going to be client-facing. There will be a prompt to mark items as non-billable.

Placeholder – Deleted items are saved in a placeholder item containing the total amount of those items. There is a “Placeholder” tab on the approval screen to select the deleted items.


Note: There is now an Undelete function that can be used to remove an item marked for deletion on a change order.


To get full details about creating and managing change orders, head over to the Support site: Change Orders

Still have questions? Contact the Support Desk. We’re here to help!