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D-Tools System Integrator Tech Terminal: Timesheets in v17

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April 20, 2024
D-Tools System Integrator Tech Terminal: Timesheets in v17

D-Tools is committed to improving features that increase productivity, tracking, and efficiencies. In our latest release of System Integrator (SI), we overhauled our time tracking feature with Timesheets in version 17!

To take full advantage of Timesheets, first, you’ll need to make sure that all employees are added to SI, ensuring all of them have a role and cost associated from the control panel. You can set this up by going to Start, Setup, Control Panel, Users, and selecting the user you want to add cost to.

TOTM 122021.1

After this is completed, employees are ready to begin clocking in/out hours on Timesheets. We have a couple of options to create timesheets in SI. One way is to create a timesheet manually in SI, or have them generated and updated from Mobile Install (MI).

When utilizing Mobile Install, a user opens a Task or Service Order that has been published to Mobile Install, and they’ll have an option to “Start Work” with a button in the top right of Mobile Install. This logs time by starting and stopping time. If you have been using Mobile Install, this looks the same, but in v17, it has way more functionality.

TOTM 122021.2

After a timesheet has been updated in Mobile Install, the timesheet will be available in SI. It can be reviewed by an admin or user with permissions who can approve the timesheet entry by selecting “Mark as Approved” inside the Task or Service Order.

TOTM 122021.3

If users do not use Mobile Install but work in SI, you can simply open the Task or Service Order directly in SI and log hours there manually by clicking new and completing the information. Alternatively, you can navigate to Start >Time Sheets >Manage Time Sheets to view all timesheet entries currently in SI.

KEEP IN MIND: All timesheet entries MUST be marked as approved to utilize the new Job Costing features in SI v17. Any timesheet entries that are pending won’t appear on reports and Business Analytics (BA).

Additionally, you can also make timesheets for Projects. You are not required to use Tasks or Service Order functions but can still track time while working on a project (s) in SI, and this is a great option.

To utilize this option, navigate to Start >Time Sheets > New Project Time Sheet and select the Project. Select “New Duration Entry” if you want to enter a specific amount of time for the timesheet, or “New Time In/Time Out Entry” to enter the specific times work began and stopped for this project time entry.

TOTM 122021.4

After the timesheet is complete, save and close the window. The entry is now ready to be approved by an administrator or manager.

TOTM 122021.5

This covers all the fundamentals you need to get started with Timesheets in SI! If you’d like a more in-depth, step-by-step walkthrough, check out this article on the D-Tools Support site here.

If you need any additional support, please contact support here. You can open a new ticket or use the blue icon in the bottom right corner to utilize live chat. We are here to support you Monday – Friday from 2am – 8pm Eastern Time.

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