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Enhanced Schematic and Wire Shapes for SI 2017


– D-Tools Founder and President, Adam Stone

We just distributed some user requested enhancements to our Visio Schematic and Finish wire shapes.  For the Schematic shapes you can now right click or use the Shape Data UI to choose from the standard Si Color pallet.  The text for these shapes, like most of the Visio SI shapes are aware of the background color and the text will automatically change from black to white based on the color choice.  Pretty handy.

In addition to the color choice UI we added the ability for the user to display additional information from the database on the shape from the following choices:  You can also edit the text in the Shape Data UI to combine multiple fields.  In the example below I just picked the IP Address field from the drop down and then added {Location} in the Display field UI and both of the fields were added to the shape.  You can string as many of these together as you want and there are some field width options so you can easily manage lots of text.  Keep in mind you can multi select the schematic shapes on the drawing page to modify all of them at once as well.

Component ID Category Sub-Category Model Manufacturer
Installation Price MSRP Phase Short Description Long Description
Volts Amps Watts BTU IP Address
Serial Number Part Number Location System Custom Fields 1…14


For the Finish Wire Shape we added the ability to customize the beginning, middle and end text with the following options:  In addition there are more text management options for finer control of text size and placement on the Finish Wire Shape.

ComponentID Custom Manufacturer/Model
Model Sub ategory Terminal


As always please let us know how these new shapes are working for you and also let us know what we can do to improve this process.  Full documentation can be found here.