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How to Ensure Your Lutron Pricing is Up To Date in D-Tools Software





D-Tools has worked closely with Lutron to create operating efficiencies for their dealers who use D-Tools software. While there are more initiatives underway between the two companies, the following video will explain how to ensure that Lutron pricing is always accurate and up-to-date in your D-Tools catalog, and the application note details how to export a bill of materials from Lutron’s MyProjects and import it into a proposal in SI.

Click here to access Lutron's guide to inserting their pricing into System Integrator. 

You can also import your Lutron pricing from MyProjects into D-Tools Cloud. 

Once you have downloaded your pricing file from MyProjects, save it as a .csv file.  

From the Catalog section in D-Tools Cloud, click on Products. From there select Import/Export from the upper right area of your screen.


Navigate to your MyProjects file and select it for import.


From there you can map the fields, select "Lutron" as the brand, and if desired, assign categories to the products upon import (or you can assign them later).


Select next and import. Your products are now available for use in D-Tools Cloud.