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Managing Product Pricing in D-Tools Cloud

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April 20, 2024
Managing Product Pricing in D-Tools Cloud

Manage Pricing from within D-Tools cloud-based bidding, AV system design, and field service management platform

With over 1 million products; 350,000+ products, including pricing from 750+ Brands, it’s not hard to see why product data is one of many advantages D-Tools Cloud offers over the competition.

Supplier Pricing Sync:

D-Tools partnerships provides Brand and Supplier pricing and the ability to set your dealer-specific unit costs for the items they carry and you sell.

cloud help center 09.2021.1


To learn more, please visit Getting Supplier Pricing article for detailed documentation regarding connecting to Suppliers.

Since, in this case, the product unit costs are being Supplier set, you’ll also be able to automate the unit price with Brand Rules.


Troubleshooting Supplier Pricing:

We don’t expect or often see pricing discrepancies between the shown vs expected pricing, however, occasionally, you might find an amount that is different than you expect. If this happens, please try the following steps to confirm the Unit Cost:

  1. Please make sure the item has the correct Supplier assigned & the unit cost field has a “Supplier Set” label is visible:

    cloud help center 09.2021.2

  2. Please run a manual Supplier Pricing check from the General Settings > Supplier section:

    cloud help center 092021.3
  3. If you’re inside an existing Quote, click on the ellipsis menu to the left of the Quote version number and select the “Update from Catalog” option:

    cloud help center 092021.4


No Supplier Pricing Sync:

For Brands and Suppliers which do not currently offer the Supplier Pricing, users can manually manage the pricing with the help of our CSV Import feature.

To get the product data out of D-Tools Cloud, users can add each item that they would like to export to a Quote and then Export the Quote Bill of Materials to a CSV file:

cloud help center 092021.5


If there are Brands or Suppliers that are not currently partners and you would like to submit a request, please visit our Canny feedback portal to Submit a Data/Supplier Pricing Request.


Help for Cloud questions:

Start a Live Chat by clicking on the green chat icon at the bottom right corner of the application.

Help for SI questions:

Should you need any further assistance, please contact us at, open a support ticket at or start a Live Chat by navigating to and clicking on the blue chat icon at the bottom of the page.


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