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Setup and go


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Setup and go

D-Tools Cloud will get you set up and working in minutes, thanks to our easy on-boarding process. Simply answer a few questions about your business and D-Tools Cloud will configure your account with some base settings and get you on your way to creating your first opportunity.


Get on-board and on your way

Start working in minutes thanks to D-Tools Cloud’s intuitive on-boarding process. D-Tools Cloud will configure your account based on information you provide through a few simple questions. We’ll set up templates, base systems, and configure your catalog so you can get to work quickly and efficiently.


Go configure

Based on your input, D-Tools Cloud configures a base setup that includes personalized settings for opportunities, payment terms, proposal templates, and configures your product catalog so you can focus on quoting, not busy-work. Settings are completely customizable, so you can dial in D-Tools Cloud for a perfect fit.

Opportunities knocking

Once setup is complete, D-Tools Cloud takes you to your main dashboard where our in-app help is there to guide you through creating your first opportunity and starting your first quote.