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Showing bundled products in different locations on a Visio drawing


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I echo the words of journalist and senior writer for Harvard Business School Dina Gerdeman, “Consumers like bundles, but they like options even more”.

Case and point, let’s say you insert a “kit” into your Visio drawing and want to show the items in a different location without adding another “kit” to the project. How could you do that without increasing the cost of the project by adding an additional kit when only one is necessary? Glad you asked! Let me explain how you can create the option to show a bundle package or kit in your Visio drawing, in different locations and without increasing the cost of the project.

First, re-create the “kit” as individual products within SI. Yes! The power of options. Without the ability to get this individual item apart from the bundle we would be stopped dead in our tracks right now! Nonetheless, this process starts by downloading the individual products that make up the “kit” into your catalog. For example, if you are adding a HDMI Balun Kit into your project, you would download the individual receiver and transmitter for that kit into your catalog.

Once this is complete, the next step is to create a package using the individual products you’ve just downloaded.

Once the package has been created, open the project you want to add the newly created and revised “Kit” to. Click the “add packages” tab in the Catalog section of the Project Editor ribbon.

Now, here’s where the magic happens……

In the “Options” section you must make sure that you check the box “Items in package can be in different location and system” as shown above. Then save and close. This now allows you to move the products in the newly created “kit” individually into different locations onto your Visio drawing, while maintaining the items as a “package/kit” in your project at the same time and without having to add another “kit”. Reducing added costs and utilizing flexibility. Not to mention possibly avoiding a headache and some frustration!