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SI Tech Terminal: Visio to PDF Blank Background Page

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June 21, 2024
SI Tech Terminal: Visio to PDF Blank Background Page

Export Visio AV drawings to PDF with D-Tools software for AV system integrators

One of the great features of D-Tools System Integrator v16 is to export Microsoft Visio Diagrams to PDF. This allows users to get their Visio Drawings in a format that can be printed out with relative ease. After you have completed your audio visual Visio drawing, you could select “export to PDF”, allowing you to print the drawing however, occasionally some of pages are missing the background.

Here is an example of the background image when a PDF is inserted into the drawing and use the “export to PDF” option:

TT 052021.1

Here are the steps to correct this issue:

  • Open the Visio drawing from your project
  • Right-click on the drawing page tab with the issue and select Page Setup

    TT 052021.2
  • Select the Page Properties tab
    • For the Background properties, select None from the drop-down list
    • Click Apply and OK

      TT 052021.3

      TT 052021.4
  • Now navigate to the Title Page Background
  • Click CTRL + A to select all shapes on that page, then CTRL + C to copy all of the shapes

    TT 052021.5
  • Then navigate back to the page having the issue and press CTRL +V to paste the background shapes to the page.

    TT 052021.6
  • If your title background page size and drawing scales are different between pages you will have to either adjust your shapes or change your title background page size and drawing scales to match the page with the issue

    TT 052021.7

Now save the Visio drawing as a PDF and your background will display like expected!

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