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Tech Terminal: Adding a Service Plan to a Custom Report


As new report functionality are added to standard reports in System Integrator, there is often a need to add this functionality to your existing custom reports.  In this article, we are going to add the service plan functionality to one of the legacy reports in SI. By doing this, you will have the option to select a service plan and have that sub-report displayed on the legacy report.

The functionality we are going to add allows a user to select a service plan tied to a project and append that data onto a client-facing report. The standard reports will have this function by default; however, any custom reports made before version 13 would not. We are going to fix that via the steps outlined below.

  1. Open the Standard Report Designer by clicking Start > Reports > Standard Report Designer.

  2. Once the Designer is open, click File > Open > Open Existing Report and select the desired report.
  3. After the report opens, click File > Edit D-Tools Report Information.
  4. On the “Report Wizard” window, check the “Include Service Plan” checkbox and click “Finish”.

  5. Then drag the sub-report object from the left of the window into the desired section of the report.

  6. Once the sub-report box is in the proper section, right-click the box and select “Bind to D-Tools Report”.

  7. Next, select the “Service Plan Details” report.
  8. You can now publish (File > Publish) the report and test the outcome. 

    Option to add Service Plan

Now you have the option to include and select a service plan with our custom report!