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See What’s New in System Integrator v16

Available now, the major new release of System Integrator (version 16) delivers valuable new capabilities geared to boost productivity, operating efficiency, and bottom-line results.

To help av system integrators further streamline project workflows, new capabilities and enhancements have been added to all major areas of the software including service and scheduling, Mobile Install, workflow rules, catalog, and more.

Service and Scheduling

Custom Fields added to tasks, service orders, and service plans improve communications with installers in the field for more accurate scheduling and servicing

Completely customizable Priority Field added to service orders improves and prioritizes the service flow based on clients’ urgency

Company Holidays block on the company calendar enables teams to better track the availability of installers and field service technicians when scheduling tasks and service orders, or when creating Gantt View charts

Resource calendars can be opened in a dedicated window, enabling drag-and-drop task and service order assignment between windows, increasing visibility and reducing steps to schedule or reassign teams in the field

Color-coding capabilities added in tasks and service order grids improve visibility, enabling users to quickly identify item type and status

Mobile Install

New permissions for Mobile Install provides the ability for lead technicians in the field to edit actual hours, update task, and more, for additional field or service technicians assigned to the same task

Site Items can now be added and approved over multiple days and visits, providing the flexibility of not having to approve the entire task and service order

Workflow Rules

Custom Fields added to criteria provides the ultimate flexibility for integrators to set up SI in a way that works best for their company and culture. The addition of custom fields and the ability to create workflow rules for all entities enable companies to dial in workflows and notifications for all team members, in the field or at the office

Project date fields added to criteria provides the ability to send expanded reminders to teams of information such as start dates, close dates, and more

Email Primary Contact for all entities provides the ability to notify vendors when a purchase order is received or changed, or communicates status updates to clients for tasks, service orders, and service plans

Insert Fields functionality added for email messages provides a more customizable SI user experience through the ability to create a templated email for their clients


Increased Price Types from 12 to 50 adds more flexibility options for sales teams to quickly and easily maintain various price levels for products
Add Owner Furnished Equipment (OFE) setting allows sales teams to store and re-use OFE products, minimizing chances of accidentally selling those products and marking them off at the project level



Additional columns added to the Phase Summary View for subphases, including base labor hours, base labor cost, and base labor price, create more granularity into labor profits

Ability to exclude items from calculated items provides sales teams with more control and flexibility on the values of calculated items for a customized user experience

Option to automatically round prices when adding items at the project level, along with the ability to round labor, provides sales teams with cleaner bidding and visually appealing numbers

Separate numbering of internal vs. external change orders eliminates number gaps and clearly communicates change order differences for the client

When checking in a project, users can quickly check for photos, documentation, and other files that have been entered manually, and sync them as part of the project file in SI, improving consistency and eliminating double data entry


Sales teams can now create a Default Shipping Address in the purchase orders setting, reducing the potential of shipping products to the wrong address