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The sales team can create new sales opportunities and quotes in D-Tools Cloud, and present to the client through any internet-enabled device

Utilize D-Tools Cloud’s next-generation toolset for sales opportunity management, quoting, and multimedia proposals, from any device, to quickly close the sale.

The accepted proposal can then be sent over to System Integrator

Once the opportunity is won, the proposal and related information can be sent to D-Tools’ robust, on-premises System Integrator solution.

Create a new SI project from D-Tools Cloud

Project details such as client information, locations, systems, products, and labor are seamlessly imported to SI for drawings, procurement, and project management.

Communicate project details with engineering, project management, installation, and service teams

This seamless integration enables salespeople to utilize the mobile-friendly, simplified toolset featured in the next generation D-Tools Cloud for sales opportunity management, quoting, and multimedia proposals, while at the same time enabling more detail-oriented system designers and project managers to take advantage of SI’s deeper functionality associated with drawings, purchasing, project planning and execution, service management, and reporting as well as integrations with QuickBooks Desktop and other 3rd party back office applications.

“We had used another software for the past few years, and after switching to D-Tools Cloud, our proposal process and ordering has been completely streamlined!”

–Emmett Elizondo. E2 Entertainment, LLC

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