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D-Tools Further Streamlines Project Management with ProjX360 Integration


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projxSeamlessly Manage Projects from CRM through Field Service Management with D-Tools Software for Low-voltage Integrators and ProjX360.

D-Tools System Integrator’s direct integration with ProjX360’s robust sales and project management solution provides integrators with a complete solution to manage projects from the top of the sales process through project completion and into service.

Combining D-Tools and ProjX360 enables integrators to leverage the most powerful tools in the industry to save them time and money for the entire project lifecycle and have all project information at their fingertips anytime, anywhere.

D-Tools System Integrator and ProjX360 Integration Benefits:

  • CRM Dashboard – Starting the sales process in ProjX360s’ Sales CRM, you can manage all aspects of your leads from prospect to deal, and finally into a proposal while keeping appointments, notes, and all associated information organized in ProjX360s’ Sales CRM. When you’re ready to create a proposal, with one click, you can push the client information to D-Tools SI, avoiding double-entry thanks to the seamless integration.

  • Sync D-Tools Proposals to ProjX360 – Once approved project information is created in SI, including audio visual proposals and detailed engineering drawings, that information can be synced over to ProjX360.

  • Project Management and Accounting – Approved D-Tools projects can be pushed to the ProjX360 proposal section to start managing the lifecycle of the Project. Quickly create POs from the proposal products, picklists, work orders, time tracking, reporting, and much more.

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