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Latest D-Tools Cloud enhancements help sales teams expedite AV proposal generation and sales throughput

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April 20, 2024
Latest D-Tools Cloud enhancements help sales teams expedite AV proposal generation and sales throughput

D-Tools' SaaS solution helps integrators reduce their proposal backlog and generate more sales with less friction

D-Tools, Inc., the leading provider of core business management software that improves financial results for thousands of system integrators across the globe, announced valuable improvements that help salespeople streamline and customize their proposals in D-Tools Cloud.

"Demand for electronic systems integration services is at an all-time high, and the backlog for getting proposals out the door is growing, placing client relationships at risk," said Randy Stearns, CEO of D-Tools. "New enhancements to the D-Tools Cloud platform turbo charges proposal throughput while at the same time increases proposal accuracy and appearance."

Sales process management enhancements to D-Tools Cloud:

Client and Contacts CSV Import – Import contact information from QuickBooks, MS Outlook, Google Contacts, D-Tools System Integrator, and more in order to hit the ground running and begin quoting immediately.

Proposal Email Templates –Save time during the sales process by creating and standardizing on email templates that are customizable with your company's branding and designed to suit various sales scenarios.

Automated Proposal Reminder Emails – Automatically send email reminders to prospective clients before the proposal’s expiration date. Stay top-of-mind (and at the top of their inbox) to avoid sales opportunities slipping through the cracks.

Payment Integrations – In addition to ProPay, D-Tools Cloud users can now collect contract deposits using CardConnect and Stripe as part of the proposal acceptance process, giving your clients more flexible and convenient payment options

Proposal improvements to D-Tools Cloud:

Line Item Discounts – Apply discounts to products within a quote. Display the discount as either a percentage or dollar amount, and close more sales.

Live Proposal Editing – Live proposal editing makes it easier than ever to design and customize stunning proposals that create improved client engagement.

Proposal Order Ranking – Sort items in a proposal alphabetically, by price, or simply drag and drop them to the desired position to ensure that highlighted products are prominently displayed.

Proposal Valid-Until-Date –Set an expiration date and time for the proposal to prevent shopping around and keep forward momentum in the sales process.

Avalara Automated Tax Compliance* –To avoid the risk of improperly calculating taxes, Avalara, a leading tax lookup, calculation and compliance tool, is now integrated into D-Tools Cloud so taxes are automatically and accurately calculated on proposals.

(*Currently available to U.S. users only.)

Get the latest tips and tricks on D-Tools Cloud capabilities in the D-Tools Cloud Help Center by clicking here.

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