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7 Tips for Your Startup Business to Thrive in 2024

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May 27, 2024
7 Tips for Your Startup Business to Thrive in 2024

7 Tips for Your Startup Business to Thrive in 2024

Did you know Google gets visited 89.3 billion times per month?

This number largely suggests the huge potential internet has in helping your business grow in 2024 and beyond. 

If you're struggling to grow your startup business, there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel. 

Sure, it’s hard to achieve, but using the right digital strategies you will grow your business and escalate it to reach great heights. 

It’s probably time to buckle down, clear your head, and look at different perspectives available to identify ways to expand your startup business. 

Let’s take a deep dive to explore the must-have strategies to help you learn different ways of growing your business like a wildfire.

  1. Invest in the right employees

Investing in the right employee at the right time is the key to success. If you hire too soon, your business income and profits might decline and cash flow may dry up. Alternatively, if you hire too late, your professional commitments will outpace your capacity, resulting in piling up of your work. 

If you’re looking to scale your business at a reasonable rate, investing in new employees helps you create a thriving business. 

Successful employees are people who have the skills to complete the assigned job, get along with the team, and have the best interest of your business in mind. 

So, when shortlisting candidates, thoroughly review their resume. Often, candidates use tools like Rezi’s AI resume builder to create an impressive resume. Ensure to scan these resumes to ensure they align with your job requirements



Shortlist the required candidates and conduct interviews. To know the real person, instead of focussing the interview only on job-related questions, ask questions about their friends and family members. 

In short, when you talk shop, their guards remain up and they answer previously practiced questions, but when you talk about family you see the real person. 

  1. Double-down on your content marketing strategy

With over 25% of people clicking results on the first page of Google, investing in content marketing makes your business thrive and help you reach your target audience. 

Having a content marketing strategy in place is necessary for your business. Today, content is no longer the king, it has become a supreme power that helps businesses reign over their customers like never before. 

While content marketing seems simple, many businesses fall in the content death trap. The need of the hour is to avoid focusing on the wrong type of content to see your startup business soar and reach new heights. 

To avoid such scenarios, you can use the services of a SaaS content marketing agency who help you reach a wider target audience, without having to invest in expensive advertising techniques. 


These agencies create content marketing plans tailored to your business's requirements.

  1. Leverage the power of micro and nano influencer marketing

Apart from promoting your products through content marketing and advertisements, leveraging the power of micro and nano influencer marketing helps your business grow. 

Recent research shows that more brands are discovering success with micro and nano-influencers because of their hyper-focused audience with extremely specific interest. 

Often, followers consider micro and nano influencers as more trustworthy and real, and their followers show more interest in the products or services they recommend. 

Here are some more reasons why investing in micro and nano influencers is worthy of every penny:

  • More personal connections
  • Higher engagement rate
  • Lower cost (according to a report, nano influencers on Instagram charge between $10 to $100)
  • Authority in a specific niche or area
  • Higher return on investment

Additionally, the brand exposure when working with these influencers is high because they have an audience committed to watching and checking the influencer's posts and trusting their recommendations and opinions


  1. Implement social listening

With over 4.8 billion social media users worldwide, implementing social listening helps you tune in. Apart from helping you monitor what customers are saying about your brand, it helps you identify new customers, and learn more about your competitors and even the industry. 

But how do you perform social listening? Here are a few strategies:

  • Find new customers: To locate new customers, track hashtags and keywords related to your niche that reflects issues in your sector, leading products, or industry best practices. Use social listening tools to find posts containing your terms. After finding these posts, join the conversation and reply to the customers. 

For instance, give an opinion about a trend in your industry or share your website page with someone looking for similar products or services. 

  • Identify dissatisfied customers of your competitors: Track your competitor’s name, product names, or brand hashtags to locate customers unhappy with your competitor’s services. After finding these customers, interact with them to know what they want in an ideal product. Send them links to your products and offer discounts or free trials.



  • Know your audience's language: Your landing pages and ads will be successful only when you understand your audience's language. This shows you understand their requirements. 

When you track specific keywords, keep an eye on how your customers phrase and use concepts and what secondary keywords they use while interacting. Use this information in your ads and landing pages to resonate with your audience. 

  • Search for customer feedback: When you track your brand's name, you'll likely come across reviews across social media and review platforms. Combine your brand's name with positive and negative terms, such as does or doesn't, to locate customer complaints and reviews. 

Repost the positive reviews on your social media platforms to convert prospects into high-paying customers. 


While these are just a few strategies, keeping a close eye on social media conversations helps you tailor your content to capitalize on emerging trends and grow your business's reach

  1. Provide a seamless virtual experience in the metaverse

Today, the metaverse has become one of the biggest trends in the digital sphere. Businesses use different tools, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, to generate higher sales. 

Did you know Gucci sold a digital bag for $4,000 on the metaverse platform Roblox. That's the power of virtual fashion, and this trend will likely continue in the coming year. 


From brands like Coca-Cola to Starbucks leveraging the power of metaverse, it's the right time to embrace this change and bring a paradigm shift in the kind of customer experience you provide to your customers. 

Here are a few ways to use metaverse for growing your business:

  • Create a virtual storefront
  • Host virtual events and tours to engage with the target audience in real time
  • Build virtual and augmented reality experience
  • Implement a hybrid virtual business model

Such an immersive experience creates a positive perception of your business and increases the engagement and conversion rate.

  1. Focus on user-generated content (UGC)

As we enter the era of heightened customer experience, UGC is one of the most powerful tools to connect your audience on a deeper level. 

As UGC is a marketing goldmine, start by encouraging customers to share their experiences and become brand advocates. As you don’t pay for generating this type of content, it's genuine feedback shared by a brand’s followers and fans

UGC can be as simple as a user tagging a company’s name on Instagram or a YouTube video featuring a brand’s collection. 



Other forms of UGC content include reviews, video content, and blog posts

Here are some ideas for generating more UGC:

  • Create a selfless hashtag strategy
  • Run contests or quizzes on social media
  • Offer rewards and discounts
  • Ask questions about your products on social media
  • Conduct sentiment analysis

Showing your customers positive reviews helps you boost your sales.

UGC is very influential as it's creative and fuels your marketing campaign across various channels

  1. Optimize your website

With 61% of marketers reporting that building more traffic is their number one challenge, optimizing your website is the key to growing and thriving your startup business. 



Website optimization strategies increase your website traffic and conversions. Your website is your important startup real estate, and it’s essential to use it best. 

By focusing on factors like design, content, search engine optimization, and user experience, you optimize your website and ensure you reach your target audience. 

When optimizing your website, ensure to optimize your sales message, including your landing pages and product/service pages. Optimizing your landing pages help you convert your audience from visitors to leads and customers. 

Another way to optimize your website is to conduct a site audit. If you have an existing website, analyze whether it meets your business objectives. Conducting an audit will help you understand whether your brand message is clear and your website contains all the necessary information about the business your audience needs to convert. 

Your website is not a flyer, so don’t treat it like one. Instead, it’s your marketing tool, which helps you increase your website traffic.

Remember that website optimization is not a one-time affair, as it’s an ongoing process that helps you ensure your website performs at its best. 

Growing and thriving your business in 2024

As we prepare for the next year, you must know these business tips to grow in the digital world in 2024. 

While growth is important for every business, having a game plan and being smart about how you scale your business is essential. 

Growing too quickly impacts your cash flow or customer demands, setting you up for failure. But these seven tips help you expand your team and establish a business that will likely taste success

The important thing is to leverage the benefits of resources and avenues you have in hand. 

Hopefully, these tips will keep you up-to-date for the following year. 


Author bio:

Priya Jain has been copywriting professionally for over nine years. She has attained an engineering degree and an MBA. She teaches math, spends her time running behind her toddler, and tries new recipes while she isn't writing. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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