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D-Tools: Systems Integrator v19 – Who has the time? SI and QuickBooks integrate to give you the time.


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Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 9.56.56 AM

SI v19 has arrived and one of the primary highlights of this release is the integration with QuickBooks Time (formerly “T-Sheets”). We decided to expand our integration with QuickBooks (QB) to include their “Time” module, allowing our users greater control of and insight into their team’s hours. Many of our users were already familiar with this aspect of QB so it seemed the logical choice in order to enhance data flow with regard to hours and payroll values between the two platform. In this article, we will review the new QuickBooks Time integration.

What to consider before you start?
-Where are you currently tracking your team’s time?
-Are you looking to change where you currently track time?
-Is Project time different from daily time?

Once you have a good grasp on these items, you will be ready to proceed!

System Integrator (SI) v19: 

This is now a separately listed option in your SI Control Panel.
From there, you’ll see the following pop-up:

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 9.48.43 AM
Note: You can also “Get Started” with QB Time in the top right corner if you don’t already have that add-on active in QB.

Once connected and the tokens are activated, you will then see the various settings for your selection:

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 9.49.12 AM
While you do have the option to map custom field values to specific data fields in SI, the most important thing here is the enabling of Time Sheets in Mobile Install. This will provide the most flexibility for your team.


Recording and transferring “time” -
Most of you have already been recording daily time for work orders, service orders, and miscellaneous hours via one digital mechanism or another for a while now.
The determining question now is, do you use SI (and its field component Mobile Install) only or do you use QB Time only? Or, perhaps even a combination of the two?

Ultimately, you will have to choose which method serves you best as a case could be made for each instance.

Regardless, the QB Time integration will allow time sheet entries to be passed between the two platforms for resource hour assessment.


Things to consider -
If you are interested in having details of Project hours in SI so that you can utilize the “Job Cost” reporting module, then those hours must be present in SI.

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 9.49.38 AM

This can be done by the utilization of “Time Sheets” in SI.

Per this integration, these can also now be imported from QB Time if your preference is for your team to record hours there.

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 9.50.00 AM

If this is your preferred method, you will then see this screen once you click on Import from the above shown ribbon:

TOTM 112022.6

This image above here shows the ribbon that will allow you to, not only assign resources to your time entry importation, but to also associate it with the proper entity in your SI Project, Task, Service Order, or Company.
(For those of you looking for clarification on those definitions, please click here.)
Based on your entity selection, this will then open the Time Sheet entry of your choosing: (Project shown here)

TOTM 112022.7


From here, you can adjust the values of Phase, Type, Duration, etc.

TOTM 112022.8

If helpful, these fields are now also eligible to be updated via our Mass Update feature.

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 9.50.57 AM
Once saved, the entries that are imported via this integration will show like this:

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 9.51.22 AM

  • What to do in QB?
    While we do have some basic set-up documentation available in our online “wiki”, we recommend that you consult with your QB team or accounting consultant to determine how this integration can serve you best.

In Summation…

-SI can now import time entries from QB Time.
-SI users can now apply or associate those time entries with various entities (Projects, Task, SO’s, etc.) in SI.
-Once imported, these time values can be reviewed in our Job Cost reporting module.
-Ultimately, this can serve to streamline your team’s efforts while ensuring time tracking is secured for billable events as well as payroll.                                 

With all of that said, there’s still plenty more in store for you with SI’s v19 product release. So for more information on v19, please click here and here!

As always, we are reviewing your Feature Requests to determine our best step forward and next course of action with future SI product releases so…“keep’em coming”!

Hopefully this presentation of just some of the many recent feature additions to SI will not only improve your team’s efficiency and effectiveness, but will also keep the needle moving in the right direction as you tackle all our industry’s recent challenges of late.

As always, we will continue to present new features from our latest release (v19) to enable your team to get more and more out of D-Tools System Integrator software.

       Please check back later for future blog entries!!!

In closing…

For more information on these and other features of SI v19, please see this link: D-Tools v19. You can also review our other videos and our usual support documentation.

You can also get more detailed information about v19 via our upcoming webinars and by enrolling in SI training with our PSG team.

And don’t forget, that’s why we are here…to ensure your success with our product! Be sure to check back here next month for more on v19!!!