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Tip of the Month: Upgrading to the latest version of SI


More than just correcting “bugs” or updating code gaps, here’s why upgrading to the latest iteration of D-Tools System Integrator software is in your team’s best interests.


As with all software releases, groundbreaking innovation and GUI improvement is always just a release away.  And with prior inclusions such as Mobile Quote, Mobile Install, and the Customer and Vendor Portals, it’s easy to see why your team wouldn’t want to be left behind without access to new feature sets. 

That’s never been more important than with SI’s upcoming release – version 13.  With this release, D-Tools will include some long sought-after feature requests and user enhancements that are too numerous to mention in this short blog but suffice it to say – it’s extensive. 

And with this latest D-Tools SI release just ahead on the horizon, I thought it best to showcase a few of the upcoming feature sets that are set to be included at this time.  Due to the number of enhancements, this will be one of our most important releases and, while each new utilization will merit its own upcoming blog post, this entry will suffice as a “sneak peek”.

So, for those of you already on board with our Software Assurance program, buckle up and enjoy the ride.  For those of you ready to join the program and upgrade your prior version of SI, please reach out to your Customer Success team here.  And for those of you that are new to D-Tools SI software, please reach out to our Account Management team here.

With all that said, let’s take a look…

First and foremost:

This long-awaited inclusion into the SI platform is finally here!  This will enable our users to create Service Plans (warranties, guarantees, extended agreements, etc.) at the Catalog level for inclusion into any SI Projects.

Further the pricing for these Service Plans can be set as a direct-entry dollar amount or it can be calculated from items within the Project.  If need be, the renewal value can even be set at the monthly, quarterly, or annual designation.

It is my strong recommendation that these be included in every proposal that your team issues. 


Now another much-requested feature enhancement is getting ready to be “live” within SI.  The “Allowance Package” will finally enable our users to set a value for an item (or items) in an SI Project without specifying the actual listing or including any items from your SI Catalog. 

While these designations will effectively function as placeholders in an SI Project, you can give them the appropriate naming convention required to convey the exact design element they will represent until the none model number elements are identified. 

This will give many SI users great latitude to proceed with a quote to client while either waiting on further input from the project site or feedback from a vendor regarding specific product availability.



Just what the design team requested!  The “Bundled Wire/Cable Package” designation in SI is a way to include individual pulls of wire in the “bill of materials” as well as having them available for placement on a corresponding design drawing. 

Whether they use Visio or AutoCAD, your design team will love this feature set as it enables them to accomplish the following:

  • Grouping individual cables/wires that are listed by their own unique product “sku” in your database.
  • Plotting those items by single shapes/blocks or a singular image.
  • Creating your own custom “bundled packages” of wires your team is actually pulling/installing on a daily basis.
  • Including manufacturer pre-bundled sku’s with each cable accounted for in the design.
  • Creating and including a display image for cable pinouts on a separate page of the design submittal so that your team can reference the connection specifications at the conductor level.


I’ve grouped these two items together as they are closely related.  SI v13 will now include new sources for both pricing and data!  This will enable our users to save time in getting their product databases created and save time maintaining that data as well. 

Up to date pricing (always a sticking point) is potentially now just a click away or may even be set for automatic updating (if available).  And, that pesky missing data such as dimensions, BTU’s, I/O’s, etc., can be updated and matched to existing SI Library values (again, if available).

And finally: last but not least     

Since the launching of our Customer Portal, it was inevitable that this next step would be included at a later date.  And, just like that, here it is.  You asked for it, you got it!  The ability to accept payments via credit card and ACH payments from your clients will be “live” with the imminent release of SI v13.
Thus fostering a more interactive experience for your clients in that they can now receive, review, approve and commit via payment to your proposal submittals in the Customer Portal.

Hopefully, these new features of SI will enable your team to enhance your quoting, design, and sales processes furthering your company’s overall success. 

In closing…

For more information on these and other features of SI, please see this link:    D-Tools SI.

You can also get more detailed information about version 13 via our upcoming webinars or by enrolling in SI training with our PSG team.

And don’t forget, that’s why we’re here…to ensure your success with our product!  Be sure to check back here next month for more on SI version 13!