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D-Tools offers software solutions designed to fulfill the diverse needs
of residential and commercial integrators and technology managers.

Whether deployed on-premises or through our new SaaS offering, D-Tools ties your project workflow together into a singular, data-driven,
connected process that improves operational efficiency and increases business profitability.



SI is a mature, full-featured on-premises estimation, system design, and project management solution suitable for mid- to large-sized companies and projects sizes

($75K +), that typically span from months to years. SI’s advanced capabilities provide users with the ability to manage projects through details documentation and reporting, detailed engineering, installation management, and ongoing service via 3rd party integrations.

  • Data-driven proposals and documentation
  • Visio and AutoCAD integration
  • Schematic, Line, Rack Elevation drawings
  • Wire lists and wire labels
  • Business Intelligence
  • Scheduling
  • Work orders
  • Service orders
  • Change orders
  • Field management tools
  • Software integrations with QuickBooks Desktop products, Salesforce, etc.

Best for larger companies and projects ($75K +) that require more sophisticated engineering documentation and project management.  

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D-Tools Cloud is a web-based, multi-tenant, SaaS solution with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate UI that makes it simple to get started and work. Currently serving the North American regions, D-Tools Cloud enables users to focus on the sales, proposal, and design phase of a project, and is designed for smaller companies with more basic requirements and project sizes ($50K or less), that typically span from days to weeks.

  • A CRM for tracking sales opportunities and managing sales pipelines
  • Interactive multimedia proposals
  • Web browser based – from PCs, Macs and tablets
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Business Intelligence
  • In-app guidance
  • Dealer cost availability
  • Web-based drawing solution (Plan View)
  • Currently serves North American regions only

Best for smaller jobs ($50k or less)
and companies that are focused on sales and design.